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How financial services marketers use Uberflip

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If you’re a marketer in the financial services industry, you might be thinking: how can Uberflip work for me? And why should I care about content experience anyway? We’ve heard this before, so we’ve packaged up all the ways you can use Uberflip to crush your marketing goals and level up your client experience. 

If you want to optimize the client experience...

You’ll need to: Better understand your clients’ buying behavior and the client journey. 

Gone are the days when products were the center of banks’ business processes. Client centricity is at the heart of financial services institutions. Growth should be and is seen through the lens of client journeys rather than product sales.  

How Uberflip can help: Uberflip helps you optimize the client journey by improving the client experience. And what exists at every stage of that client journey? Your content. If you can provide a professional, slick, value-based content experience at every stage of the client journey, your clients will feel taken care of throughout their lifecycle with your institution. One we particularly love is this Content Hub from TABbank. It’s well branded, organized by topic, and optimized for the customer journey.

A photo of TABbank's resource hub


If you want to build meaningful client relationships...

You’ll need to: Offer value as a trusted advisor in a personalized, human way.

Personalization is the key to building strong client relationships. In fact, 96% of marketers praised the ability of personalization to advance client relationships in a study by Evergage. The fact of the matter is that clients need to be able to trust you and trust your advice and they respond better to made-for-them content. 

How Uberflip can help: A content experience platform like Uberflip can help you use content to build trust and facilitate meaningful conversations in a human-to-human way. Imagine this: a client comes in to talk to a financial advisor. They chat about investments and whether they should put their money in an RRSP or a TFSA. Following the meeting, an advisor follows up with a personalized collection of content about the topics they discussed. Rather than a bunch of attached documents or a long list of blue links in an email, the client is treated to a digital destination with relevant content, a personalized message, the rep’s face and contact info, and voila—they’ve just created a lifelong client!

If you want to personalize your marketing...

You’ll need to: Gather data and insights to meet buyers’ expectations of personalization.

Data begets personalization. Without it, you can’t really personalize. Marketers need a firm grasp of their clients’, members’, and potential customers’ interests in order to understand those entities in the context of their relationship and personalize to their stage, role, interests, and intent. 

How Uberflip can help: With Uberflip you can see how prospective and current clients and members are engaging with content using our built-in content analytics tool. This allows your team to see what content is resonating at an asset level without needing to pull data from your marketing automation platform. Uberflip’s Analytics Dashboards visualize the data to enable your team to take action and allow for exporting to a third-party business intelligence tool with comma-separated value support.

An image of the Uberflip Analytics Dasboard


If you want to attract and educate new clients and members...

You’ll need to: Expand your digital footprint in a way that’s relevant, accessible, and optimized for search.

Getting the consideration of your buyer is challenging today because prospects are overwhelmed by marketing messages from multiple online and offline channels. Now, more than ever, it’s important to ensure you have content and resources discoverable and optimized for search so you can meet consumers where they are researching financial products and services such as credit cards, loans, investments, mortgages, and advice.  

How Uberflip can help: A content experience platform can help you expand your digital footprint by organizing content into a central hub or resource center that’s optimized for search and conversion. Out of the box, marketers can use Uberflip to create content, centralize it by pulling disparate content such as blogs, ebooks, infographics, and videos into a centralized resource hub, organize content by industry, product, and topic, and optimize it for search engines—all in a way that’s designed to mimic the look and feel of your website for a consistent digital experience. What’s more, mini email-capture forms can be included alongside content to encourage newsletter subscriptions—like MD Financial has done below—and content can be quickly gated to collect new leads.

A photo of an article on MD Financial's blog with a CTA to subscribe to the newsletter


If you want to take advantage of traffic onsite...

You’ll need to: Promote further content consumption and remarket, remarket, remarket. 

No matter how consumers get there—through organic search, email marketing or paid campaigns—once they’re on your site you’ll want to capitalize on their arrival. Good content alone is not enough to improve velocity when there is no meaningful path to conversion. 

How Uberflip can help: With Uberflip you can ensure your audience has a clear opportunity to continue consuming relevant content using our content recommendation features like Chatham Financial has done. For hyper-relevance, Uberflip also offers AI-based content recommendations powered by Bombora. Once a visitor is cookied, Uberflip syncs with your marketing automation platform so you can remarket to site visitors using ads to bring them back to your site and keep your brand top of mind.

A photo of a chatham financial blog with a content recommendation panel at the bottom


If you want to engage, educate, and promote retention of your current client base...

You’ll need to: Consolidate content into a learning center and continually add value to your audience through the creation and distribution of educational resources. 

Content that is spread across multiple web properties is difficult to maintain. It also makes it challenging to capture and hold the attention of clients because the experience is disjointed and inconsistent. Clients and members expect educational resources and clear up-to-date communication from the financial institutions they do business with. Engaging clients is key to retaining them.

How Uberflip can help: Uberflip helps marketers create engaging experiences for their clients by pulling disparate content such as blog articles, guides, educational videos, templates, frequently asked questions, and calculators into a centralized client resources hub for clients to refer back to. Uberflip also makes it easy to send client communications and new educational resources directly to clients by linking to a stream of content rather than a traditional newsletter. Once they’re on-site you can drive content consumption to engage them further like BDO Canada has done, keep them as a client, and, ultimately, sell more products and services. 

Image of item within BDO Canada's resource hub

You’re equipped: Now it’s goal-crushing time

If you’re like most marketers, you have an endless number of goals for the quarter and the year. And a content experience platform like Uberflip can help you accomplish so many of them. If you want to learn more about how Uberflip can help you address your specific needs, speak to an Uberflip expert.

About the Author

Christine is an experience-obsessed marketer. She was Uberflip's Director of Content, where creating engaging content experiences for marketers was a challenge she accepted daily. She believes that if you can't attract, engage, and compel that next action with your content, then why bother? She also has a thing for pugs, but who doesn't.

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