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eBook: 10 Metrics To Close The Gap Between Marketing And Sales

Though marketing and sales are often different departments, in the end their goal is the same – to bring more customers into the company. Which is why it’s important to make sure they’re aligned, and that communication is constantly flowing between the two teams.  One of the best ways to do this is by watching and sharing metrics that are essential to your bottom line.

While sales probably doesn’t need to know how many Twitter followers are engaging with your brand, and marketing can get by without the nitty gritty details of each lead interaction, things like average sales cycle and customer retention rate are biggies for both teams (and the company as a whole).

This eBook covers 10 of these essential marketing and sale metrics, detailing:

  • What each metric means
  • Formulas for calculating them
  • Why they’re important for sales
  • Why they’re important for marketing
  • And more

Ready to get started? Click here to access the “10 Metrics To Close The Gap Between Marketing And Sales” eBook.

About the Author

With an M.A. in Communications & Culture and a strong passion for technology, Michael has found his home as a Marketing Specialist at Uberflip. Though focused on channel marketing initiatives, Michael is often called on for last-minute tasks or for help using Uberflip's software.

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