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How to build better content experiences without creating new assets

B2B marketers are increasing their investment in content marketing, you say? What if we told you that you can create high-value content campaigns without creating a single new item?
Personalized content experiences are critical to nurturing B2B buyers at every stage of their purchase journey, from prospecting through to customer expansion. As a result, there’s an allure in B2B marketing circles to continuously create new, fresh, and engaging content. We’re here to show you how to achieve true business impact without feeling the pressure to produce an endless stream of content!

Avoid the content marketing volume trap

For content marketing managers, there’s never a shortage of creative ideas; rather our barriers to scaling up our B2B marketing campaigns usually rest on managing content volume and resource restrictions. Simply put, more content isn’t always the answer when you’re  scaling your B2B marketing campaigns. 
Take it from us; from April 2021 to March 2022, the Uberflip content team reduced content in our content hub by 43%! That’s right–a content marketing company cut its content in half… and we encourage you to do it too. As a result of our content audit, the Uberflip team: 

  1. Improved discoverability of our best performing content pieces by retiring content and streams,
  2. Streamlined our efforts by focusing refreshing over half of our remaining content rather than building net new bespoke content; and 
  3. Created more valuable content through taking stock of our Hub and identifying true gaps rather than striving to hit a volume quota.

According to Uberflip’s own content experience report, placing an asset in multiple places can increase views 8x at no cost to buyer enjoyment. Some of our own core assets can end up in upwards of 50 different places over their lifetime. Free yourself from the shackles of volume production and focus on quality by applying the three R’s to your content strategy; reduce, reuse, and recycle. 

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Reduce duplicated effort with a centralized content hub

Shh… do you hear that? It’s the sound of siloes crumbling. 
To take your content experience to the next level, you need to start by flowing all of your content into a centralized repository that all team members can activate from. No more knowledge siloes or duplicated efforts. Once all of your assets are in one centralized location, you can organize your content to make it easily discoverable for all of your teams. 
Many content marketers house different types of content on several platforms, especially when it comes to video. Good news! There are a few ways you can flow your content into the Uberflip platform: 

  • Connect your content sources: Plug in all of your channels, such as Wista, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Slideshare, to your content experience platform and flow all of that amazing content into your content hub for all of your teams to access. When you manage your content from its source, it will also update within the Uberflip platform. No need to go through the hassle of uploading new versions across multiple platforms! 
  • Flow in content via RSS feed: Do you have a thought leader who creates content on a separate content hub that you want to make available to your team? Pull in feeds from other blogs to flow into your content hub.

Reduce time spent searching for content by promoting discoverability

Once your content is centralized, you need to make it as easy as possible for your teams to find the perfect content pieces for their campaigns. The best way to do this is by segmenting your content into key pillars, such as use case and funnel stage, and tagging your content. 
Use a content experience platform (CEP) like Uberflip with a sales component (we call it Sales Assist) that allows your salespeople to search the content library right from within the sales tools they already use. That way, rather than create something new that sales needs, they can find it without asking. At Uberflip, we’ve removed friction from the Sales team with the advent of our new app, Sales Assist. This app available in the Uberflip Marketplace gives your sales team curated access to all the high-value content they need to nurture prospects. Your sales team can also create personalized sales streams in just a few clicks or with saved templates, then seamlessly share them through an email extension. 

Reduce volume by creating more sustainable content 

Just like meetings that should have been emails, some content pieces don’t need to be full ebooks or even full articles in order to provide maximum value to their audience. Sometimes the content would be more valuable conveyed in a light, snackable format such as a social media post, rather than a heavy asset which requires a lot of meat. 
Timely content such as hashtag holidays or milestones such as, say, Earth Day are a great example of where many content marketers get caught spending time and resources to produce single-use content that ages quickly. Sustainable content lives longer and gives you more value from your investment. Although you may never fully eliminate the need for single-use content, evergreen content has a much longer, fuller lifespan. More on that in the next section. 


Reuse your top content as a report, ebook, or “Best of” campaign

Few things in this world are a universal truth, but we’re letting you in on a principle of marketing that has stood the test of time: people love lists. Just ask Britney Spears, who released a greatest hits album at the age of 22. The album–made up largely of content the world had already heard before–was certified platinum and sold millions of copies worldwide. 
Take a look at your top-performing content pieces. Do you see any themes emerging that string your content together? Wrap this content together and create a mini-campaign to maximize the visibility of your top content without the need for any new assets. 
With some lead time, you could turn multiple related pieces into a special release such as an ebook, and create a new asset with less lift than a net new asset. These collections can serve as lead generation tools, or can be given away for free as we did with our Content Experience Showcase. It’s amazing what you don’t know you already have! With a few tweaks, an old piece of content can be brand new again. 
Here are some other options that are a lighter lift than producing an ebook, that allow you to reuse content: 

  • Listicles: Take your most popular posts and form one top-of-funnel blog that links out to each item in the form of a listicle. Take several related posts and turn them into list posts or summaries.
  • Infographics: Take the key nuggets from your ebook or from across a segment of your content and create an easily digestible infographic. 
  • Landing page blogs: Create a landing page that has a list of the major topics with a link to each topic's page. Then fill the topic page with links to relevant posts. Include links in your sidebar to promote the topic landing page as well. This could lead to a membership area or even paid instructional courses. Editor's note: Uberflip users can also create Marketing Streams for targeted content or organize content by topic with the Custom Menu feature.


Go to market quicker by recycling high-value content

Less than half of marketing-created content is ever used, much less viewed by the right people at the right point in their content journey. You can quench that insatiable thirst for more content by creating high-value, evergreen content that can be reskinned and used again and again. It’s great for your search rankings (Google loves refreshed content almost as much as it loves a long history) and you can continuously optimize your best content based on performance data. That is, rather than guessing which topic s your audience is interested in, you can simply select the piece that’s already garnered strong performance.
A speedy hack: Uberflip allows you to insert content galleries and carousels that draw from your existing content to show visitors what they’re most likely to be interested in. It’s recycling, and it’s automatic. 

Accelerate the buyer journey through content without churning out more content

A personalized content experience engages buyers, accelerates the buyer journey, and increases conversions. We think that content is essential to the buyer’s journey. Sure, we’re biased, as a content experience platform, but we’re not alone. Check out the Analyst Report by Forrester: Accelerate Your Buyer's Journey by Dynamically Curating Relevant Content