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Content Experience Platform vs. Point Solution: Who Comes Out on Top?

What do marketers want? A tool that makes our jobs easier! When do we want it? Yesterday!!!

So why do marketing and sales teams continue to leverage point solutions that only further silo teams, and increase business costs and organizational effort?  

The marketing technology universe is expanding at a rapid pace—you’ve certainly seen the Martech 5000 Supergraphic by now that lists over 7,000 solutions—and marketing teams are growing to include even more functional roles to support business goals. For any company to be successful, it is imperative that we work in an integrated fashion, especially when it comes to the content experience.

Platform vs. Point Solution

Point solutions exist to address very specific needs within a marketing organization, whereas marketing platforms address a variety of needs holistically across channels to support strategy. If you’re working to create a personalized experience for buyers and customers, a point solution will only further fragment the journey. Remember, content should satisfy the entire buyer journey!

If you want your content experience efforts to make an impact, you need to be able to do it all. Let's take a look at how platforms can help you take everything on—and succeed!

1. Teamwork Makes the Dream Work!

I want to break free, I want to break free—from my silo, and work in a collaborative environment with my coworkers.

For marketing teams, collaboration is a challenge. Whether it’s working across your organization or with your fellow marketers, the struggle is undeniably real. It’s never been easy to have full visibility into what your team members are working on, so you don’t always know how you can help them achieve success.

But you need everyone to be on the same page since, at the end of the day, you’re contributing to the same funnel. Creating amazing personalized experiences at scale requires teamwork and a platform that makes it easy to create these experiences.

Point solutions only plug a small hole in your conversion funnel, and the more solutions you add to your tech stack, the harder it is for your team to work together, let alone manage each solution independently. Forget about being able to easily connect the dots between each point solution and effectively measure attribution.

Platforms are built for strategic teams to work together! Uberflip is a content experience platform that brings all your teams together on one solution to help you improve collaboration and organizational alignment.

Content marketers, demand generation marketers, account-based marketers, digital marketers, event marketers, sales representatives, and customer marketers are just a few of the key roles at your company who can use one unified platform, such as Uberflip, to collaborate.

2. You Need to Spend Money to Make Money

Digital transformation (DX) is huge, with worldwide spending on digital transformation technologies forecast to hit $2 trillion by 2022. Companies around the world are making the investment to integrate digital technology to accelerate the transformation of business activities and strategically improve their impact.

According to Gartner’s CMO Spend Survey for 2018/19, budget allocation for MarTech has climbed to 29%. Although budgets are expanding, any smart marketing team knows that it pays to be aware of what your investments are going toward as you roadmap your future.

Point solutions that focus on one strength might cost less on the surface in comparison to one platform, but paying for multiple solutions can add up quickly, leaving you not only with multiple systems to manage, but multiple bills to pay—yikes!

Think about all the individual point solutions you’d need in order to achieve what one content experience platform can do:

  1. Content management system
  2. Content curation tools
  3. Search engine optimization tools
  4. Landing page builders
  5. Personalization software
  6. Sales engagement and outreach
  7. Customer support
  8. Analytics and insights tools
  9. And more!

Not only is that a significant monetary investment—it’s a huge time investment as well. A single investment in a content experience platform gives you access to a variety of tools that contribute to long-term strategic goals; you can power your resource center and ABM campaigns, your email marketing and ad destinations, event follow-up, and more!

3. Expand Your Capabilities

Content is vital throughout the buyer and customer journey, so investing in creating and managing the content experience is crucial.

Since point solutions only exist to solve one very specific need within your marketing organization, you’ll need a point solution for each marketing capability, making it difficult to keep your content experiences cohesive.

Platforms provide marketing and sales teams with a unified way to approach and execute on winning strategies. At Uberflip, we help companies expand their capabilities to leverage a slew of awesome use cases that power the content experience. Here are just a few of the ways our platform can help your marketing team create amazing content experiences:

Power nurture campaigns with streams of marketing-approved content.

Create personalized, branded content experiences in minutes that are relevant to your key accounts’ interests.

Easily access the right content assets and experiences for every prospect with our Sales Extension.

And so much more!

4. Actionable Insights Throughout the Journey

Data is at the core of everything we do! Let’s be honest, marketing is only as good as the data we have. We use funnel and conversion metrics to measure the success of marketing campaigns, and leverage audience intelligence to improve personalization and content recommendations to shorten the sales cycle and delight customers. So it’s easy to see that when evaluating marketing technology, having a MarTech solution that can surface impactful data across the entire journey is crucial to your organization.

Point solutions may have some data, but they operate on a singular value proposition, meaning you’re only getting a small sliver of data from the one niche area they cover. No one likes a data silo. With one platform in place, you’ll save yourself the trouble of having to go into each solution to pull data. You want your data to flow as freely as your customers move seamlessly throughout the buyer journey, with no unnecessary friction.

Platforms help optimize your efforts with data capture, insights, and recommendations! Unified platforms like Uberflip can help you understand how your content experiences are performing and make smarter decisions by measuring the impact of your marketing efforts.

Uberflip’s analytics dashboards provide teams with a number of tools to make data collection and integration easier. For example, you can view content performance, sales activity, engagement insights, and recommendation performance all within the platform!

Uberflip also provides next-level integration capabilities, so you can seamlessly connect data for even more powerful audience and customer intelligence. Uberflip AI and our integration partner Bombora use intent data collected from billions of data points, so you can be scary accurate when serving content recommendations and master personalization at scale.

Get a Content Experience Platform That Can Do It All

The MarTech landscape is crowded, that’s for sure—but it’s platforms, not point solutions, that can support your business end-to-end.

Point solutions’ singular focus may in the end prove to be a pain in the a#$ (pardon my French) for your team. If you want to break down silos that negatively impact effectiveness and efficiency so you can be better marketers (and salespeople, and success managers, etc.), you need a better tool that supports your entire strategy from pre-sale to post-sale and beyond.

The sky’s the limit with the proper platform in place!

Want to learn more about what you can do with a content experience platform? Check out this demo recording to see Uberflip in action.