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What does Uberflip do?

Uberflip is a content experience platform that allows you to centralize all of your assets in one place in order to build out curated collections of content to power your marketing campaigns.

If you’re wondering if Uberflip is the right solution for you, or are interested in seeing how it could work for your team, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve answered some Uberflip FAQs for you below.

How does Uberflip help you create and manage content experiences?

As marketers, we generate a lot of content—videos, blogs, ebooks, podcasts, slide decks, webinars, and social posts—and deliver it across multiple channels. But because of this, we have content scattered all over the web. Using RSS feeds and integrations, Uberflip pulls all of your resources from third-party sites (like YouTube, SlideShare, and Instagram) into one place so all of your owned assets are easily accessible. Of course, you can publish content within Uberflip too!

After centralizing your content, you’ll need to categorize it. After all, strategic categorization is a key component of a successful, cohesive experience. With Uberflip, you can tag and organize your content by topic, persona, pain point, or account so you can build out curated experiences and recommendations that mirror a customer’s journey.

Uberflip allows you to leverage content tags internally so that your sales and customer success teams can find and share marketing-approved content with prospects and customers based on their interests and challenges.

What does Uberflip do to accelerate buyer journeys?

Your web experiences impact how customers (and future customers) view your brand and, most importantly, move through the buyer journey. With Uberflip, you can create custom collections of content and design an experience around them that encourages Netflix-style content bingeing.

Using Uberflip’s customizable calls-to-action, you can strategically place next steps for your visitors alongside specific content assets to ensure that your prospects are moving from one piece of content to the next. Uberflip also allows you to set up AI-powered content recommendations that will serve up a panel of suggested assets based on what each unique visitor has already viewed.

If you’re asking yourself why content bingeing is so important, know that on average, people consume seven pieces of content before they’re ready to make a purchase decision. So it only makes sense to give people the opportunity to consume as much relevant content as possible in order to accelerate that buyer’s journey.

How are other companies using Uberflip?

Anywhere you leverage content in your marketing is an opportunity to use an Uberflip stream. Our customers use Uberflip to power everything from their resource centers to ABM campaigns, email marketing and ad destinations, and event follow-up. We’ve included some examples below so you can see for yourself!

Demand Generation

Using Uberflip, Blackbaud turns static email nurture destinations into experiences. By linking to a stream rather than a solitary piece of content, Blackbaud makes it easy for buyers to self-nurture at whatever pace they choose.

Content Marketing

Lytx uses Uberflip to power their resource center. Using Uberflip, they’ve been able to pull all their resources into one place, including YouTube videos, PDF brochures, and articles, and organize them to suit the way their audience browses—by solution, by partner, or by resource type.

Account-Based Marketing

Snowflake has used Uberflip to create one-to-one destinations to engage their target accounts for ABM. It takes them 10 minutes to build out each custom stream, and to date, they’ve been able to engage 100% of their 800 target accounts with Uberflip.

Sales Enablement

The best way to engage a sales prospect is with hyper-personalized outreach. Cority has used Uberflip to build an easy-to-navigate content library for their sales team to use to create custom content streams for their future customers. They use Uberflip’s Chrome Extension to embed the personalized sales streams into their email outreach.

Event Marketing

MongoDB uses Uberflip to extend the life of their in-person events and make them an even better experience for their attendees. Their Uberflip-powered event follow-up streams include full-length talks and curated content from speakers that help to highlight great moments from their events and generate excitement around upcoming ones.

Who on your team should use Uberflip?

Uberflip puts control back into the hands of marketers. We love our IT teams, but we don’t want to bog them down with endless requests from marketing to build out landing pages and nurture destinations every time we want to launch a campaign or send a segmented email.

Here’s a look at how your team might use Uberflip.

  • Content Marketer: A strategic content marketer can use Uberflip to centralize and publish content from all channels in order to build content experiences that will engage customers and prospects alike. Your content marketer will be able to segment content to appeal to each of your buyer personas, as well as use calls-to-action and content recommendations to guide visitors through their buyer journey.  
  • Demand Generation Marketer: Using Uberflip, your demand gen team can build out curated destinations for email nurtures, giving prospects the opportunity to consume more content and be sales-ready faster.  
  • Account-Based Marketer: Your account-based marketer can use stream templates to quickly build out customized destinations to direct target accounts to in one-to-one ads, emails, and direct mail campaigns.
  • Digital Marketer: Digital marketers can build out content experiences to send ad traffic to. Rather than linking to one static asset, your ad destinations can include supporting content and contextual calls-to-action that will engage ad traffic further.
  • Event Marketer: Event marketers can take the experience beyond the booth and build out follow-up streams that include presentation decks, brochures, and videos of sessions to keep attendees engaged with your brand.
  • Sales Representatives: With Uberflip, your sales team can find and share marketing-approved assets with prospects using the Uberflip Extension, or by adding them to personalized, one-to-one sales streams.
  • Customer Marketer: A customer marketer can use Uberflip to build out a knowledge base for customers that will keep them educated and informed. They can organize it by topics, questions, or product offerings, and place custom CTAs that will encourage customers to book time with your success team.

There you have it! That’s Uberflip in a nutshell. If you’re a marketer who’s looking to take your content experience to the next level, accelerate buyer journeys, and gather strategic insights about how your audience is interacting with your content, Uberflip is a solution that will empower you to tackle all three—without the help of your IT team.

Want to learn more about creating engaging, personalized content experiences for your customers and prospects with Uberflip? Check out this demo recording to see Uberflip in action.