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Uberflip's Give Back Initiative- 2020 Recap!

2020 has been one for the history books.

Despite the challenges that this year has brought our way, we rose to the occasion and were able to deliver on our Give Back promise. If this is your first time around here, every year we commit to donate 1% of our revenue growth to charitable causes and initiatives.

For 2020, this meant giving back over $20,000 to many deserving organizations and causes!

We started out the year donating to multiples causes committed to providing relief and support during the devastating wildfires in Australia. We were able to support both the Australian Red Cross Disaster Recovery and Relief fund as well as the Port Macquarie Koala Hospital.

Uberflip was also a part of the 19th annual Motionball Toronto Gala. This was an incredible opportunity to support local athletes with special needs being able to live happier, healthier lives as active members of their communities.

This year we officially became partners with Pride at Work Canada! Pride at Work is the leading national organization promoting workplace cultures that are inclusive of LGBTQ2+ people. Pride at Work Canada focuses on providing connection, education and benchmarking to its networks of partners for them to better include job seekers and employees on the grounds of gender expression, gender identity and sexual orientation.

We were also able to donate to Girls Who Code- a non profit organization on a mission to close the gender gap in tech. Their CMO, Deborah Singer, was a guest on The Marketer’s Journey Podcast hosted by our CMO, Randy Frisch. You can catch that episode here, it’s a good one!

This year we were able to sponsor the SickKids Bubble Hockey Tournament before in person events came to a halt and it was nothing short of epic (as always!). Although we unfortunately were not able to host Startupong (heartbreaking!), we were able to surpass $140,000 in donations to SickKids through both their Tech4SickKids and COVID-19 efforts.

One of the great things about our Give Back initiative is always being able to support what is most needed to make an impact. In 2020 that meant donating $5,000 to the Toronto Daily Bread Food Bank. While we were all feeling the strain and stresses of the impact the pandemic is having on our city, the challenges facing those who experience hunger and poverty daily were even more complex and magnified. Our $5,000 donation provided 5,000 meals to those in need and allowed us to give some kind of support to those in need during these tumultuous times.

The examples of racism against Black communities in 2020 have been difficult to take in. These events are creating a great sense of change needed in our world. At Uberflip we are committed to doing our part to stand up to racism, hate, and social injustices. Earlier this year we asked our team members to help personally raise money for awareness. These funds combined with a commitment from Give Back initiative were donated to Black Lives Matter, an organization committed to racial justice. We raised over $10,000 alone in this initiative. In addition to raising funds, we are committed to raising awareness, getting educated, becoming allies, and offering support. At Uberflip we are committed to being part of the solution.

This year was a whirlwind (an understatement, we know). But looking back on this list brings a smile to our faces knowing we were able to instill little pockets of positivity among all of the uncertainty happening in the world.