Why Chatbots Are the Next Step in Marketing Evolution [Podcast]

July 23, 2018 Randy Frisch

Connecting with your customers is an integral part of any marketing strategy. If you’re not reaching them, what’s the point?

According to this week’s guest on the Conex Show podcast, replacing the standard email list with a well-thought-out chatbot can significantly increase engagement with both established customers and prospective customers alike.

Andrew Warner, Founder and Startup CEO at Mixergy, joins the Content Experience Show to discuss how chatbots are the way of the future and why your customers don’t want another email.

In This Episode: 

A Better Way to Reach Your Customers

In the episode, Andrew explains how low email open rates made him realize that this is no longer an effective way to reach our customers and prospects. We use messaging apps to communicate with all the important people in our lives, why should our communication with our customers be any different?

“We’re all using messaging apps to talk to the people we love and the people we work with. Why are we relegating our customers to email?”


Implementing an Effective Chatbot

One of the first things that we want you to understand is, where your customers are now and where they want to go. Find out what they want to achieve, acknowledge it, and help them get there.

“You should give people the option to not hear from you, but you should understand why they want to use that option.” — @AndrewWarner

Approaching Sales Within a Chat

Andrew recommends using what he calls the “Dessert Technique” when approaching sales in a chat. At a restaurant, they never say, "Okay, can I sell you some dessert right now?" They say, "Would you like to see the dessert menu?" In a chat, we must ask permission to sell.

“You cannot arbitrarily fling sales messages to users in chat.”


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