The Road to Recognition is Paved with Branding and Content [Podcast]

April 27, 2017 Randy Frisch

Authors Barry Feldman and Seth Price, copywriter and marketing/branding speaker respectively, join the Content Pros Podcast to discuss their debut book "The Road to Recognition" and the intersection of content and branding to achieve marketing success.

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In This Episode

  • How the power of personal branding leads to getting your name out of spam folder and in front of a reader
  • Why building a brand means starting with the foundational platforms that many take for granted
  • How passion and zeal lead to tenacity and perseverance through the hard times of content
  • Why successful content means an equal amount of time spent on both writing and visual design

Quotes From This Episode

“When you have a company and you don’t have a fully formed product yet, often the way that you build trust is by doing activities in the world to build your brand and your reputation before anyone knows the name of your company.” —@sethprice

“We’ve identified something called “second careerist” where somebody is making their shift in the middle years.” —@FeldmanCreative

“There’s this idea that sunk in over the last decade or so that your name is a brand.” —@FeldmanCreative

“Your leading salesperson, in many ways, has to be a great personal brand because they don’t know anything until they speak to that person.” —@sethprice

“Anybody can make any media. It’s not hard given a little bit of technology and a little bit of knowledge and prowess. That’s the good news, and it’s also the bad news because the noise is relentless.” —@FeldmanCreative

“We get bombarded with so much stuff that the things that we grasp and pay attention to tends to be human-focused and they tend to be really intimately related to our pain and what we need and who we are as individuals.” —@sethprice


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