How to Turn Emotions Into Metrics [Podcast]

June 25, 2018 Randy Frisch

In the modern marketing world, a data-driven decision is often what’s considered the right decision. In recent years especially, access to analytics has become essential to tracking trends and engagement on social, in emails, and with our content.

According to Threadline Digital’s Adam Rossow and Jonathan Futa, however, this isn’t the data your business should be concerned with. Measuring likes, shares, and comments can help us create content that will get us more of those same metrics—but is that really what we want?

In order to truly connect with your audience, there’s an emotional factor that goes far deeper than behavioral metrics. Threadline Digital’s Adam and Jonathan joined The Conex Show to discuss why it’s important to look beyond behavioral metrics and engage with the people who are engaging with your content to determine how it makes them feel.

In This Episode: 

Finding Meaningful Metrics

Jonathan explains how when you’re sitting in the CMO’s seat, you’re often overloaded with data. The key is really identifying which are the right metrics to track, and how those metrics align with your business’ overall goals.

“You need to align your goal with your measurement, ask the question about exactly what you’re trying to achieve, and not infer from a click what that might mean.” — Jonathan Futa

Moving Past Vanity Metrics

It can be hard for digital marketers to look beyond behavioral metrics—but it’s all about education, Adam says, and challenging people to take a step back and think about what that "like" or what that click really meant.

“You can’t rely on passive behavioral metrics because that’s all about the actions they took, not their attitudes or their feelings.” — @adamrossow

Why Likes Do Not Equal Engagement

Marketers tend to infer a lot from behavioral metrics, but in reality, there’s all sorts of reasons someone might “like” something on social media. Perhaps they found it funny, or they liked the cute dog in your video, but there’s really no context around it.

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