How to Craft the Perfect About Us Page [Podcast]

April 22, 2019 Randy Frisch

These days, there are a countless number of ways for consumers to conduct research on a brand. But before social, review sites, and other online directories, a company’s About Us page was really the only digital space that provided insight into its mission and identity.

Mat Zucker, Partner at Prophet, analyzed the About Us pages of some of the world’s top companies and was surprised to find how many fail to deliver real value with the stories they tell there.

In this interview with Zucker, he shares some vital takeaways from his analysis of successful About Us pages. You’ll learn steps for clarifying your brand’s voice and communicating that identity to your audience in the most intentional way possible, using one of the most essential (and undervalued) components of your online presence.

In This Episode: 

The Five Archetypes of About Us Pages

On the podcast, Zucker digs into the five Ps—the five archetypes of About Us pages. He explains what it means to have a principle-led, product-led, people-led, pedigree-led, and performance-led About Us page.

“About Us pages have been up since the early web. It was one of the first things created. People visited them because there was no way to access a company. There was no social.”


What He Learned From Analyzing About Us Pages From the World’s Top Companies

There are a few interesting examples that Zucker shares throughout the episode, one of which is Patagonia’s About Us page. They’re very principle-led, but people comes in quickly after. They’ve mixed two “Ps” in a way that effectively demonstrates who they are as a brand.

“Don't just look for your one big story. Look for many stories that really embody who you are or illustrate what you do.”


Where to Start When Honing Your Brand Identity and Voice

Zucker gives his recommended starting point for anyone looking for a better way to position themselves or their brand. It starts with taking a step back and thinking about what your purpose is and why you exist.

“Right after ‘What I Believe’ and ‘Why We Exist,’ go one level deeper, into your principles.” – @matzucker

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