How to Build a Thriving and Profitable Affiliate Program [Podcast]

April 30, 2018 Randy Frisch


With the worldwide prevalence of social media, more and more businesses are embracing things like influencer marketing. It may sound like a difference of semantics, but the world of affiliate marketing is distinctly different and potentially even more powerful.

When it comes to running a successful affiliate marketing program, there’s no one better to talk to than Alexis Teichmiller of ConvertKit. She manages over 10,000 affiliates and can certainly attest to the profitability of the program.

Alexis Teichmiller, Affiliate Manager at ConvertKit, joins the Content Experience Show to discuss the power of partnering with your customers over traditional influencers.

In This Episode:

Building a Successful Affiliate Marketing Program

One of the ways Alexis ensures her affiliate marketing program runs successfully is by treating her affiliates like gold. In the episode, she explains how she flies out to each of her top 50 affiliates to strategize promotion plans, establishing valuable one-to-one relationships with each of them.

“Make sure that you are taking care of the top affiliates, but also give the smaller affiliates an opportunity to sell your product and get to that next level.” — @alexisteich

How Affiliates are Different from Influencers

Rather than only seeking influencers to market their product from the outside, ConvertKit has connected with many of its most loyal customers to develop advocates who can promote ConvertKit’s services based on their own personal experience.

“You can't just put up an affiliate signup page and then just go, you have to give them the resources to actually sell your product for you.” — @alexisteich

Balancing Branding with Personal Testimony

Alexis describes the delicate balance between providing her affiliates with scripted copy and encouraging them to reference their own experiences. While it’s important to manage brand messaging and provide affiliates with the necessary resources, canned messages that lack a personal touch see significantly lower engagement.

“I encourage our affiliates to use their own tone and insert their own story.” — @alexisteich

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