How The Kotecki Group Is Bringing Back the Art of the Case Study [Podcast]

July 6, 2017 Randy Frisch

James Kotecki, Principal of The Kotecki Group, joins the Content Pros Podcast to share how case studies can energize your marketing with multiple pieces of impactful, motivating content.

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In This Episode:

  • How one case study leads to a multitude of pieces of content
  • Why cultivating content for case-studies doesn’t have to mean a huge financial investment or risk
  • How fine tuning the art of interviewing leads to inspirational and motivational content
  • Why a compelling interview means setting up a good tennis match

Quotes From This Episode

“One well-crafted conversation with an eye towards building a case study can be used so many different ways.” —@JamesKotecki

“You can use these techniques and the philosophy that I have, really at any level of business, no matter where you are as a marketer.” —@JamesKotecki

“A case study has a very basic plot most of the time.” —@JamesKotecki

“I think about an interview as a combination of structured preparation with improvisation. The art of it is to know when you are improvising and when to pull back and get back on course.” —@JamesKotecki

“You really have to make sure that at least the person who’s doing the interviewing is energetic, and interesting, and can actually keep things moving.” —@JamesKotecki

“If you are interviewing a person for a certain reason, you should know what you’re trying to get out of them.” —@JamesKotecki


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