How the Eighty-Eight Agency is Bringing PR Back from the Dead [Podcast]

June 15, 2017 Randy Frisch

Fatima Zaidi, VP of Business Development at Eighty-Eight Agency, joins the Content Pros Podcast to discuss how successful PR in the modern content marketing world keeps your content alive and pushes it viral.

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 In this Episode:

  • Why creating content is only a small part of content marketing
  • How a focus on creating value with new concepts leads to online virality
  • Why the right amount of content means calculating how much you can take and adding one
  • How supplementing your existing workforce with an agency leads to new opportunities and resources

Quotes from this Episode:

“Anyone can be a content creator and I think that more than PR, it’s important for people to be creating content and sharing content on a regular basis.” —@zaidiafatima

“We’re happy to put down paid media and put money towards SEO to share our content if we think it’s going to be providing value for other companies and other agencies.” —@zaidiafatima

“Give more than you can take and always give as much value as possible without expecting anything in return.” —@zaidiafatima

 “Traditional PR and media relations will never really be dead but it’s always going to be supplemented with other initiatives and strategies.” —@zaidiafatima

“People really need to be putting in that effort to create stuff that is newsworthy rather than having something and then trying to make it newsworthy.” —@zaidiafatima


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