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How Logging Off Makes You a More Productive Content Marketer [Podcast]

Disconnecting may seem counterintuitive in a fast-moving digital world, but according to this week’s guest on the Conex Show, it’s the key to longevity for every marketer.

Blake Snow, author of Log Off, is an expert on the many ways offline rest benefits our ability to process experiences, form new ideas, solve problems creatively, and absorb new information. Taking a step back is the key to building the stamina you need to stand out in a content-saturated online world.

In this special one-on-one interview with Randy Frisch, Snow breaks down the process of broadening your perspective on content marketing by disconnecting.

In This Episode:

The Experience That Awakened Blake to the Life-Changing Effects of Logging Off

When Snow was in his twenties, he spent every day online. It wasn’t until he took a trip to Montana (with no cell service) and was forced to disconnect that he saw how it impacted his work in a positive way. After that, he spent time researching how smartphones and the internet actually impact our ability to be good marketers.

“I don't want to have to go on vacation to have this incredible feeling of being in the moment and connecting with those immediately around me.” – @blakesnow

How Periods of Boredom Help Us Process Ideas and Nurture Our Creativity

Snow explains how long bouts of boredom—or even periods of time where we’re not being constantly distracted or fed information—really allow our brains and our subconscious to produce results for whatever it is we want to do.  

“When we break away from what we’re doing, it gives our intellect a chance to breathe and exhale and process and take things in.” – @blakesnow

Advice for Creating Meaningful Work in the Most Crowded Media Market in Recorded History

Logging off can help us break through the loud and destructive media market because it means we’re not spinning our wheels and throwing a bunch of stuff out there and seeing what sticks. Disconnecting forces us to step back and think about what we’re trying to say to stand out in the most crowded media market ever.   

“Most failing content campaigns only talk about themselves.”


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About the Author

Randy Frisch is a co-founder of Uberflip and held many roles, including President and CMO, where he evangelized the content experience.

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