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Speed to Market-ing

In the last year, more than ever, we’ve realized the opportunity created or lost through our ability to move fast as a marketing and sales organization. As priorities and market demands change on the fly, our ability to hit a launch target keeps us on track and even alive. On the other hand, missing our campaign dates or that timely sales reply creates a Launch Gap and further impacts our ability to remain relevant. Sourcing the right content at the right time and delivering it in a personalized experience is often the biggest impediment to success. 

In this session, Randy Frisch, CMO and Co-founder of Uberflip, shares how to stay on track as a team and increase funnel velocity by looking at the right scope, controls and technology for your business. This talk is geared to demand, digital and content marketers with products and services that are complex, yet timely, as well as those who are looking to embrace personalization and strategies like ABM.