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You Know You're a Canadian Marketer When...

canadian marketer

We Canadians are often the butt of many stereotypes—our national interests apparently include hockey, beavers, and beer. 

The truth is that many Canadians, myself included, prefer basketball and have never seen an over-sized aquatic rodent outside of the nickel. 

But in the spirit of Canada Day—and Uberflip being based in the true north, strong and free—we wanted to share some telltale signs that you're a marketer of the Canadian variety.

Let's start.

You hide your Canadian-ness with American spelling in your content and copy...

 American gif

...Unless "being Canadian" is part of your brand.

Canadian spelling

Canadian spelling sits on the fence between American and British English. Probably in fear of offending either side.   

From November to April, all of your Sales team's calls are cold.

cold cat

Literally, everything is cold. 

CASL makes your job as a marketer harder than it should be.

Ron Swanson

Canada's Anti-Spam Legislation started forcing politer communication practices on marketers Canada Day, July 1st, 2014.

You call this an About page, not an Aboot page...

Canadian marketers

The only time most Canadians say “aboot” is when they’re referring to either a left boot or a right boot.

...And no one sends an apology email after a marketing mishap quite like you. 

Dog gif

Your landing pages sometimes suffer from the low-converting Canadian Call-to-Action (or CTEh).

Canadian marketers

They're like regular calls to action but less pushy, more friendly and they probably end with "Sorry". 

You live in one of the most well-liked countries in the world...

Canadian marketers

...And are proud to be Canadian (once you get over the weather).

Canadian marketers

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