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ICYMI: Uberflip’s summer 2021 launch event recap

Check out the event recap from our summer 2021 product launch event. 

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As a marketer, have you heard the term, “customer engagement” more in the last 18 months than ever before? So have we, and we hope this movement towards supporting a full-lifecycle customer journey is here to stay. At our summer ‘21 product launch event, we dove into how the marketing team can become a powerful partner to both the sales and customer success teams. 

It’s clear that marketing and sales teams form a powerful duo in the pre-sale customer journey, but when the marketing team widens its lens and focuses on the post-sale customer journey as well, magic happens within the organization. A full-lifecycle approach to marketing is necessary to win in 2021. 

During the summer ‘21 product launch event, we started by unpacking this theme and discussing how marketers can work more closely with customer success teams to achieve their desired business outcomes. Then we jumped into our excitings new product releases that will help marketers better understand each team’s impact on the customer journey. 

Let’s take a look at the key insights from our guest speakers, as well as the new product releases you can expect from Uberflip.

Speaker session highlights: How marketing teams can support a full-lifecycle customer journey

Now more than ever, marketers are expected to support the full customer lifecycle—helping manage customer retention, prevent churn, and build on existing business—and with good reason. Marketers have less budget than ever before, yet they still invest three times more to acquire a new customer than retain an existing one. 

Josh Gladstone, Director of Expert Services at Uberflip and Ashley Hyman, Director of Marketing at AgilQuest, gave us a sneak peek into how they each leverage content to support their organization’s customer engagement strategy. Watch this session and learn how to: 

  • Level-up your customer engagement efforts at scale
  • Nurture customers into advocates with content, and
  • Use demand generation strategies to deliver value to customers in the post-sale journey. 

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New releases at Uberflip

This week, we launched three new features designed to provide deeper insights into how different teams are using content, and to improve your user experience. 

Embed Parameters: 

Adding UTM parameters to your content’s URL can provide useful data, but if this manual process isn’t adopted and used consistently across teams, you may not get a clear picture. Embed Parameters allow you to easily create and manage UTM parameters from a central location in Uberflip, with little to no learning curve or downtime. 

Now, the marketing team can easily capture and attribute traffic to content that is shared by the sales team. content being shared by the sales team, and get a clear line of sight into performance within Uberflip Analytics without sales or marketing having to change their processes. Read the full press release in our newsroom.

Here’s why you’ll love it:

  • Create and manage UTM parameters in seconds from a central location in Uberflip
  • Use dynamic fields such as User, Content Type, and Content ID based on what data you want to capture for true versatility
  • Automatically add UTM parameters to shared content; UTM parameters are added to content shared through Sales Assist and the Sales Extension.
  • Attribute traffic with ease based on UTM parameters directly in Uberflip Analytics.

Code Saver App: 

Have you ever unintentionally disrupted custom code within your Hub and caused a bug on your front end? Code Saver helps you recover from situations where you accidentally break your Hub's custom code by enabling you to restore to an earlier working version of the affected code block and bring your Hub back to full functionality.

Here’s why you’ll love it:

  • Recover from situations where you unintentionally break your Hub's custom code 
  • Automatically back up your custom code block using Github
  • Quickly restore to an earlier version if needed 

Stream Purpose Reporting: 

Analyze  how Streams are being used internally by assigning a purpose to your Sales and Marketing Streams.

Here’s why you’ll love it:

  • Analyze content performance according to stream purpose
  • Demonstrate the versatility of how  Uberflip is being used 
  • Build custom reports using stream purpose with Uberflip Analytics Explore

What’s in progress

We’re just getting started. We are continuously improving the day-to-day user experience within the Uberflip platform, and are working hard to enhance the data and insights that you can glean from your marketing campaigns. Here are a few more things the Uberflip product team is working on:

Data integrations

  • Marketo enrichment - Speak with your CSM to be included in the beta program!
  • IP-based enrichment 

Marketplace and app improvements

  • Cascading stream-level settings
  • New field types (color picker, select)
  • Static dropdown control 

Platform speed, scalability and stability

  • Speedy onBrand - goodbye long queues!
  • Lighthouse benchmarking
  • Decoupling services

Usability Improvements

  • Internal Stream names
  • Remembering page states

Want to see the full session? Check out the recording

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