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How Uberflip integrates with Marketo

How Uberflip Integrates with Marketo

As a marketer you know how important your tech stack is to running your business and driving marketing results. And your marketing automation platform, Marketo, plays an important role in every campaign you launch!

By connecting your Marketo account with Uberflip, you’ll be able to generate highly qualified leads, as well as streamline, automate, and measure marketing tasks and workflows. Together, Uberflip and Marketo can help you design frictionless multichannel experiences that are personalized to your buyers and nurture them quickly through the journey. 

Let’s dive in deep on how you can use Uberflip and Marketo to build better buying experiences.

How to collect qualified leads with Uberflip and Marketo

The traditional strategy of sending visitors to a separate landing page with a gated form is inefficient and, worse, a bad experience. In Uberflip, marketers have access to calls-to-action that make it easy to build content consumption paths that keep buyers engaged, self-nurturing, and sales ready faster.

By integrating the two platforms, you can create in minutes Uberflip Form CTAsthat seamlessly sync with your Marketo lists. 

Form CTAs can be placed in several areas of a Hub or in a destination—making it easy to generate new leads and subscribers as well as gate your high-value content, then seamlessly pass collected data to your Marketo instance. 

Uberflip Overlay Form CTA

This way of gating content outperforms a traditional landing page by an average of 7x, according to data we’ve collected from our customers (which you can learn about here > The Content Experience Report). 

You can also take advantage of your high-traffic content and resources and generate more leads by placing a CTA within the experience. With traditional blog posts, marketers lack the ability to convert the traffic they receive in the right moment. With Uberflip’s CTAs, you can guide new or known visitors to the next best step in their journey, driving engagement and lead generation. 

Uberflip CTA in a content experience

Once you capture that visitor information, and score your leads appropriately, you can then orchestrate the next step in the buyer journey. Think about the workflows you have attached to your campaigns. Where are you sending buyers? 

With Uberflip and Marketo you can be sure you’re sending leads to the right destinations and adding them to the correct nurture programs, to get them closer to making a purchasing decision!

Check out this video to see how Marketo and Uberflip can work together to power your demand programs:


Track content consumption paths

You know that relevance is key when it comes to engaging buyers with content—so using your Marketo data to show buyers the right content at the right time not only keeps people engaged for longer but it also gives them the opportunity to self-nurture and build trust in your brand. 

Once you integrate your account with your Marketo instance, Uberflip engagement data can be passed directly between the two. 

Marketo will set a cookie in an unknown visitor’s browser when they visit a webpage that is connected to Marketo, like an Uberflip Hub or destination or your website. If an anonymous visitor submits a Form CTA they become “known” and their details get associated with their Munchkin cookie. 

By using the Munchkin code, you’ll be able to track each visitor’s page visits, clicks, and so much more! You can then use those insights to personalize campaigns and content offers based on what you already know about your visitors. 

With Uberflip and Marketo, you’ll be able to evaluate audience insights like never before. You can refine and enhance your lead scoring model based on content engagement metrics so that you’re sending better and more qualified leads over to your sales team. On top of that, this data can then be passed into Salesforce to enable you to easily report on your ROI and attribution—helping you prove the value of your content. 

Connecting Uberflip with Marketo

Let’s look at how simple it is to connect Uberflip with Marketo.

Uberflip’s native Marketo integration makes it super easy to link the two platforms together. All you need is your API access credentials, and in a few short clicks they will be connected! 

Connecting your hub to Marketo

Next, to get the most out of the integration, you’ll have to configure some options and create custom fields in Marketo to receive the data Uberflip will send over. The integration will work if you don’t do this, but it’s highly recommended that you enable features that allow you to track visitor behavior in your Hubs and tie it to leads in Marketo. 

Once Marketo is connected to Uberflip you’ll be ready to start collecting leads and tracking behavior so you can personalize every experience. 

Start building better buyer journeys

As you can see, integrating your tech stack to drive better marketing results and gather more decision-making insights is simple when you have the ability to connect your Marketo instance to Uberflip. If you’re ready to see how we can help you build better buyer journeys, click here to set up a custom demo.