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How Uberflip integrates with Eloqua

Uberflip and Eloqua logos

As a marketer, you know that relevance is key when it comes to engaging buyers with content—and showing buyers the right content at the right time not only keeps people engaged for longer, but it also gives them the opportunity to self-nurture and build trust in your brand.

If you use Oracle Eloqua as part of your marketing tech stack, you’re probably going to want to hear about how it can be paired with Uberflip to help you gain deeper insights into your audience, increase content conversions, and eliminate dead ends in your marketing. 

How it works: An overview

Connecting Uberflip and Eloqua will allow you to unlock audience insights that will inform how you present content to your buyers. Using Eloqua insights in Uberflip, you’ll be able to refine and optimize your content experiences by understanding what content is the most compelling and what converts the best. This means you’ll be able to send more prospects down the funnel faster!

You’ll also be able to track and evaluate audience insights like never before. Uberflip engagement data can be passed directly into Eloqua, allowing you to gather insights on when buyers are showing intent and what content they’re interacting with. This knowledge will help you develop effective messaging and share only the most valuable content assets to engage prospects—every time.

Check out this video to see how Eloqua and Uberflip can work together to power your demand programs:


Connecting Eloqua to Uberflip

Linking your Eloqua instance to your Uberflip account is a simple, one-time process. You’ll just need a Data Lookup Key from your Oracle Eloqua environment and then you’ll need to create a new Oracle Eloqua user specifically for the Uberflip integration.

From there, you can connect the two platforms from Uberflip’s Integrations page by inputting that Data Lookup Key and generating an Eloqua API Key.

Eloqua API screen

Passing data between Eloqua and Uberflip

With Eloqua and Uberflip, you can completely eliminate dead ends in your marketing by harnessing the benefits of Uberflip CTAs to seamlessly gate content without stand-alone landing pages, and pair that with real-time personalization that's always recommending the next best piece.

You can also refine and enhance your lead scoring model based on content engagement metrics so that you’re sending better and more qualified leads over to your sales team. That data can then be passed into Salesforce to enable you to easily report on your ROI and attribution—helping you prove the value of your content. 

That’s only the beginning

Once you have Eloqua fully integrated with Uberflip, you can begin building remarkable content experiences, accelerating your marketing funnel, and gathering audience insights that will help you create the best possible journey for your audience. All that’s left is to get started! 

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If you want to explore how Uberflip works with the rest of your tech stack, talk to a content experience expert from our team!