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How To Use Uberflip & HubSpot Together To Generate, Nurture And Convert Leads

Uberflip and HubSpot

One of the perks of launching our HubSpot integration was that we could leverage both HubSpot and our own platform even better throughout our daily marketing efforts. That’s right – Uberflip is a HubSpot user too. We put our money where our mouth is. Our content marketing strategy uses both Uberflip and HubSpot together, creating the best possible experience for our audience, leads and customers.

To help you get the most out of the Uberflip / HubSpot combo, we’ve put together a few use cases outlining exactly how you can leverage the integration to to generate, nurture and convert leads.

Before we get to the nitty gritty, here's a quick video outlining the integration:

The ability to connect an Uberflip CTA to a Hubspot landing page or sync a CTA to HubSpot Smart Lists provides a seamless experience for the end user while making the process as simple as possible for marketers.

In your Uberflip dashboard, you can create 2 types of CTAs:

  1. A form CTA to collect email addresses
  2. A link CTA to direct people to a site, post or landing page

When you create a form CTA, you’ll be given the option to connect it to your HubSpot account. You can do this quickly by pasting your HubSpot API when prompted. That’s it – no IT required,  meaning your marketing team can add, remove and update CTAs as your offers and goals evolve.

As soon as you’ve connected your account you’ll be given the option to link that CTA to one of your HubSpot Smart Lists (note that the list has to be created within Hubspot before you can connect it to a CTA).

Uberflip HubSpot CTA

Here’s where the magic happens. Any lead that fills in your Uberflip CTA will automatically be added to your Smart Lists, kickstarting your marketing efforts directly from your content.

Use Case #1 – Set up a Subscriber List

Asking people to subscribe to your blog allows you to grow a Smart List filled with people that are itching for content and regular updates from you. Be sure to use the email follow-up feature to ping them with a quick thank you and additional content they may find interesting, such as a blog post, eBook, video or Whitepaper.

Once the subscriber is in HubSpot, you can track engagement starting with the CTA they filled out in your Hub through to any other interaction with your Hub, website or application. Below is a great example of someone who subscribed to our Hub, was added to a Smart List and continued to engage with our content. You can see below when this potential customer filled out the CTA and how they were subsequently added to the Smart List.

Pro Tip: HubSpot is experimenting with a feature that allows you to create emails from an RSS. This means that you can automate your campaign to subscribers to send regular updates directly from your blog. Note that at the time of writing this post, this feature is currently in beta. Just ask your HubSpot rep about it – that’s what we did!

Use Case #2 – Create a CTA to download an eBook or white paper

If you subscribe to the Uberflip / HubSpot way of doing things (focus on content marketing, inbound tactics and providing real value), then chances are you have some content in place in order to create and nurture leads.

Use a form CTA as a direct call to action to download your eBook (or white paper) and sync it with the subscriber list associated to that piece of content. When someone fills out the form to receive the eBook, send a follow-up email that allows them to download the book immediately.

Uberflip eBooks

The other option is to create a link CTA that directs people to a HubSpot landing page that has been created for this content.

At this point, let the lead nurturing begin…

Use Case #3 – Start with a Hub CTA, trigger a workflow

Triggering a workflow from your CTA is the next step in the process. First, set up a call-to-action that is relevant to your current offering and goals, for example:

Uberflip HubSpot CTA

Uberflip HubSpot CTA

As soon as someone takes action via any of these CTAs, they’re added to a Smart List from which you can trigger a workflow.

Workflows are the foundation of your lead nurturing strategy. By automating an email campaign that consistently provides valuable content, you can ensure that you and your brand will stay top of mind as you continue the conversation.

Lead scoring & audience segmentation

In addition to creating a clear path for end users, transitioning them from visitor to lead, the Uberflip / HubSpot integration also provides you with insights into which types of content are most compelling.

The key benefit of Uberflip Hubs in this context is the ability to sprinkle your CTAs throughout your content. This means you can get hyper-targeted, displaying a call to action on specific content pieces and linking them to HubSpot. You’ll know exactly which piece of content caught the attention of the people on your Smart List, allowing you to better customize your lead nurturing emails.

As we gain more insights into the types of content people are engaging with, lead scoring within HubSpot is enhanced based on which content pieces are converting best for you via your Hub CTAs.

Interested in using Uberflip and HubSpot together? Request a demo today and we’ll get you started!