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How to empower your sales team with Sales Assist

Uberflip Blog - How to empower your sales team with Sales Assist

Each customer or prospect interaction is an opportunity to provide value. As marketers and sales professionals, if we aren’t making the most of those opportunities, that’s revenue we’ve left on the table.

Uberflip’s Sales Assist is a game-changing tool. It allows marketing and sales to team up to capitalize on revenue opportunities, and we are continually updating and improving it so that you and your team can do the same.

Table of Contents

What is Sales Assist?
Why do I need Sales Assist?
How do I know it’s working?
Highlights of a few of our most recent updates
Try Sales Assist today 

What is Sales Assist?

Sales Assist is a sales engagement tool that allows your sales team to access your marketing-approved library and easily share content through the applications your reps are already using, like Salesloft and Gmail. It lets them quickly find the high-value content they need, sprinkle in some of their own like sales presentations and price quotes, and send it to their prospect or customer as a personalized package.

Why do I need Sales Assist?

If you, like many marketers, are hearing from sales how hard it is to find content, or are being asked for the same pieces repeatedly, then this tool is for you. It’s designed to increase sales engagement by surfacing relevant content in two ways: through specific searches using tags and by showing the most shared content from your library. This lets reps see what’s working for their peers.

No spreadsheets to search through. No content databases to navigate. Just great content, fed right into the tool, ready for the sales team to use immediately.

Jocelyn Lo is the Associate Marketing Director, Sales Enablement, at TripleLift. Before implementing Uberflip and Sales Assist, her team was struggling to manage their content and make it accessible to the sales team.

"Uberflip has been the answer to our content experience prayers,” says Lo. “We had long struggled to find a platform that could help us easily manage all types of content in one centralized location with sophisticated searching capabilities and customizable content experiences. Now, with Uberflip’s Sales Assist, our sales team can easily locate any material they need within seconds—right in their email—and create beautifully designed, customized content experiences for any client in just a few clicks."

It gets better.

The days of sitting at a desk behind a computer are gone. Your sales team is mobile; either working remotely or occasionally getting back on the road. But that shouldn’t change how they work. Sales Assist can be used on mobile devices, giving your reps access to your library on the go, allowing them to respond instantly to prospects and customers who need valuable content to move along their buyer journey.

How do I know it’s working?

Apart from seeing the increase in your sales team’s performance, you’ll know through real-time notifications that prospects are viewing your content. These notifications, which can also be delivered through Slack, give your sales team immediate insight into the intent of prospects or customers who view the content. The path forward becomes clear once you know what content has been consumed, and your team can be highly targeted with their next engagement. 

Highlights of a few of our most recent updates

Add a gate CTA to a stream—Want to ensure your streams are only seen by prospects at the company you created it for or want to gather information on a visitor before they dive into your content? A gate CTA will allow you to do just that.

Stats on sharing are available—Sales reps can now see stats for all their shares, whether those are item-specific or overall stats on all of their shares. These stats include totals for how many item views they received, by how many people, and for how long. You'll even see a timeline graph and a list of top-performing Items.
Our newest update lets you track your engagement in real time with notifications or view historical share activity and stats. If you're a Sales Assist admin, you can even view engagement stats across your team in one easy-to-view dashboard. 

Improved preview experience—We have implemented a new in-app preview tab, as well as a new tab for stats so you can see how the items performed for the rest of your team.

Stream performance now in Stream Management—Not only can you see the stats on your shares, but you can also see an individual stream's performance in the management screen of that stream, making it easy to adjust content based on insights on what’s working well.

​​Welcome prospects with a pop-up video—When prospects visit your stream for the first time they'll be greeted by your video!

Book your next meeting, seamlessly—With this new calendar service integration, your Calendly, Salesloft, Outreach, Chili Piper, or any other embeddable calendar-booking service can be beautifully integrated into any stream.

Save your favorite items in one easy-to-find location—Tired of having to search for the same items over and over again? You can save favorites by simply clicking the new heart icon. You can access your favorites at any time from the search menu.

Try Sales Assist today

Sydney Sloan, CMO at Salesloft, agrees that Sales Assist is the tool marketing and sales teams have been asking for.

“At Salesloft, we’re dedicated to helping sales teams build pipeline and close more deals,” says Sloan. “Compelling content continues to be one of the top priorities in supporting sales efforts to be relevant and add value to each customer interaction. With Sales Assist, Uberflip has built the solution to this challenge.”

You can learn more about Sales Assist here, request a demo, and read how Sales Assist fits into your sales team’s content personalization strategy to engage their prospects.

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