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Create content experiences that deliver results

Uberflip Blog - Create content experiences that deliver results.

So you’ve built it, and they’ve come. What now? Here’s how to turn your content hub into a content experience platform that drives conversions.

Digital spaces are noisier than ever as the B2B buyer journey evolves and prospects spend more time self-nurturing online. The role of marketers is evolving, too, as we widen our lens to focus on enabling sales departments and providing post-sales customer support as well. In both cases, content plays a vital role in supporting the customer along their journey. However, while you may be spending a hefty budget—to say nothing of the hours of work—to create original, impactful, and valuable content, the reality is that the majority of it might never reach your target audience. According to SiriusDecisions, 60-70% of content goes unread. 

To win in content, you need to cut through the noise. Here’s how you can create content experiences that accelerate the buyer journey and deliver results.

Move away from a one-size-fits-all content experience

When you plan a content experience, what truly matters—and what moves the needle on the ROI scale—is relevant content that provides value to your audience. Your blogs, ebooks, and other creative assets should inspire your viewers to spend longer on your site browsing content and learning more. The best way to extend the amount of time your viewers spend with your content is to present them with messages that speak to their interests and pain points, from which they can get immediate value. We know that it works! Here’s how brands leveraging personalization in their digital marketing are experiencing increased pipeline and revenue. 

Uberflip can help you dynamically personalize your content destinations at scale. See how Snowflake does account-level personalization. Here are some of the tools you can use to create a personalized content experience within the Uberflip platform:

  • Strategically recommend content across web properties based on visitors' browsing habits with Site Engager
  • Deliver a relevant experience to every buyer with Content Recommendations
  • Leverage intent data from partners such as Demandbase, 6Sense, Bombora, and more, to dynamically personalize content destinations at scale with personalization apps from Uberflip Marketplace. Can’t find what you need? We support third-party developers with an open API and extensive documentation.

Listen to your visitor behavior  

Test, learn, iterate, repeat. That’s the formula for success in digital marketing. Sometimes the best insights come from campaigns that didn’t hit the target. Measuring content performance not only helps you to better measure the success of your campaign, it can also help you identify areas of opportunity and actionable insights. 

With Uberflip Analytics, you can measure content performance and gain deeper insights into consumer behavior within your Hub. You can dig into your metrics to get into the nitty-gritty of your hub data. Here are six things you can learn about your campaigns and content with Uberflip Analytics

Use content to empower the sales and customer success teams

Content plays a crucial role in winning that sales call for your company. But the content experience doesn’t end there. B2B buyers crave frictionless self-service experiences throughout their full lifecycle with a brand… and the trend towards self-nurtured buyer journeys has only hastened with the impact of the pandemic.

More than ever, marketing teams are being called on to support the full customer lifecycle. Our customers are using their content hubs to support their sales teams as they nurture one-to-one relationships, as well, they are leveraging their content hubs to assist customer success teams as they support customers on their post-sale journeys.

Uberflip’s sales enablement tool, Sales Assist, helps sales teams and other internal stakeholders find high-value content within the hub using tag groups, and it lets them effortlessly package it into a personalized buyer experience that can be shared within minutes. Here are 10 ways to power your marketing programs with content experiences. 


Customers crave a tailored, bingeable content experience. The content experience that you create can, and should extend beyond your hub through one-to-one sales relationships to support customers during their full lifecycle. Take your content hub or resource center to the next level by creating more than just content. Create content experiences that convert into revenue.