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5 eBook Templates For Lazy Marketers (You're Welcome)

Who doesn't love a good eBook, right? They're informative, easily digestible (figuratively - don't let us catch you licking your computer) and come in a nice little package. We want to see more awesome content out there - and don't want a little thing like limited time or "lack of design skills" to keep you from pushing out a beautiful eBook full of your expertise. 

That's why we created these 5 eBook templates in a range of styles to get you that much closer to the eBook of your dreams (and without the extra work - yay!). All you need is a topic, some content, and the use of your clicking finger to download them and get started.

Each template has drag and drop functionality and comes in 2 formats - PowerPoint and InDesign - depending on which software you're using. Choose from playful to more sophisticated designs and different layouts to suit your eBook vision. There are also instructions on how to use each one to make things as clear and simple as possible. 



Don't think you have anything to make an eBook out of? Here are 5 ways to recycle content you already have for some inspiration.