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The Ultimate Guide to Attending UFX 2016

UFX Survival Guide

The Uberflip Experience (UFX) is right around the corner! Between the speaker lineup, the attendees, and the parties, we couldn’t be more excited.

If you haven’t booked your ticket yet, do it now! Use the promo code “UFXVIP” for $250 off. We promise you won’t regret it :)

There’s going to be a LOT happening in just 2 days, so we thought we’d put together a quick guide for attendees so you can get the most out of your UFX experience. Here’s everything attendees should know about UFX:

Before you depart

Take the time to ensure that everything is in order with your work team before you head out to UFX. Set an out-of-office reminder, implement an emergency contact plan, and pre-schedule any content as necessary before you take off. The UFX schedule is jam-packed – planning ahead will ensure that you can attend all the sessions and clear your mind so you can re-stuff it with UFX knowledge.

A few other reminders:

  • Don’t forget to pack business cards – there will be plenty of networking opportunities.

  • Check Toronto’s weather forecast (the conference is mostly indoors, but it’s good to be prepared should you want to do some sightseeing! Warning: it’s been very humid lately.).

  • Download The Uberflip Experience app (more info about the app below).

Arriving in Toronto

Welcome to “Turranah”! There are a couple ways to get around the city (if you’re not interested in taking a cab or Uber-ing):

  • The TTC (Toronto Transit Commission) – The TTC is Toronto’s public transit system (consisting of buses, streetcars, and underground subway lines). You can map your route on the TTC using the TTC website or Google Maps. Learn more here.

  • The UP Express – If you’re flying into Pearson Airport (YYZ [yes, exactly like the Rush song]), you can take the Union Pearson express to get downtown. Learn more here.

We hope you get some time to explore the city while you’re here – check out this list of 6 things to do in The 6ix for ideas.


You’ve already purchased your ticket, but you’ll have to register upon your arrival at UFX. There will be a registration table set up in the lobby of the Isabel Bader Theatre (you won’t miss it). Upon registering, you’ll receive:

  • Your UFX attendee badge

  • A bag full of swag-tastic surprises ;)

The agenda

Here’s a very high-level schedule of events:

Tuesday, August 23

1:00–4:00PM: Pre-Conference Workshops at Uberflip HQ (Additional Cost)

6:00–9:00PM: Pre-Uberflip Experience Party at Uberflip HQ

Wednesday, August 24

9:00AM–5:30PM: Conference Day 1 at the Isabel Bader Theatre

7:00–11:00PM: Rooftop Party at Mascot Brewery

Thursday, August 25

8:00AM–4:30PM: Conference Day 2 at the Isabel Bader Theatre

The venue(s)

Here’s the rundown of UFX locations.

The conference:

Isabel Bader Theatre

93 Charles St. W, Toronto

As the central hub of UFX, the Isabel Bader Theatre is where all sessions will be taking place on August 24th and 25th. On location, we’ll also have a swag store, Uberflip support, and more.

The Kickoff Party (Tuesday, May 23 @ 6:00PM):

Uberflip HQ

135 Liberty St. (4th Floor), Toronto

We’ll be hosting a UFX kickoff party on Tuesday, August 23rd at Uberflip’s office in Liberty Village! There will be plenty of food and drinks. All speakers and attendees are welcome.

The Rooftop Party (Wednesday, May 24 @ 7:00PM):

Mascot Brewery

31 Mercer St., Toronto

Prepare for a party like no other at one of Toronto’s most fabulous rooftop bars. We’ll be celebrating here after Day 1’s conference events – regular shuttle busses will be running between the Isabel Bader Theatre and Mascot Brewery (no need to cab or navigate the TTC to get there).

Know anyone in the Toronto area who can’t make the conference, but might be interested in attending the Rooftop Party? They can purchase individual party tickets here.

The app

Be sure to download The Uberflip Experience app!

In the app, you’ll be able to connect with other attendees, keep track of the agenda, participate in polls, rate and review speakers, ask questions, and more. You’ll collect points for every action you perform in the app. These points can be redeemed at the Uberflip Swag Shop (on location at the Isabel Bader Theatre). Here’s a sneak peek at some of the items that will be available.

Get social

Tweet, post, and snap your heart out at UFX! Use the hashtag #ufx2016 to be part of the buzz.

Participate on your preferred channels:

Prove ROI

We want you to leave UFX with:

  • New ideas – It won’t be a successful learning experience for you if you don’t learn anything new! Given our stellar speaker lineup, we’re sure you’ll leave with plenty of insights. We’ll also be providing content and notes from the sessions so you can review any content after the conference and share key takeaways with your team.

  • New connections – When planning the agenda, we made sure that there would be plenty of opportunities to network with like-minded marketers. Mingle with your new friends and swap business cards in-person, or connect on the UFX app.

  • New and improved ways to use Uberflip – Uberflippers will be everywhere to provide customers with tips for how they can improve their content experiences using Uberflip. Chatting about Uberflip is what we do best – don’t hesitate to ask!

Have fun!

We want you to have the best UFX experience ever! If you have any questions at all, ask an Uberflipper – our goal is for you to leave UFX with the insights you need to become a better marketer, and, of course, with a big smile on your face :)


[P.S. Last chance to get tickets! Get them here.]