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How to Use Uberflip for Content Marketing

Having trouble breaking through the noise on your social distribution channels? Uberflip might be the answer you’re looking for.

Uberflip is one of the top tools for turning PDF content into a rich, interactive experience. The platform automatically identifies the viewing device and optimizes the experience for the reader.

As a distribution channel, Uberflip is perfect for showcasing assets like presentations, eBooks, newsletters, magazines, reports—basically any sort of content. Just upload a document. Then, push out a URL to your interactive document through your usual distribution channels like email and social media.

Here are a few reasons why you should start using Uberflip in your content marketing.

  • You can deliver a customized experience. Today’s content marketing is all about personalization. Uberflip makes it easy to deliver branded content to your audience.
  • The pros use it for their content. Uberflip customers include small business and enterprise alike, serving companies like Microsoft, Thomson Reuters and Cornell University.
  • It’s a socially enabled tool. There’s no doubt that social is your most powerful distribution channel. PDFs aren’t exactly native to the social web. Uberflip makes social integration a simple, expected part of the process.
  • Measurement is a snap. Data is key to the content marketer’s toolbox. Uberflip offers native analytics tools and simple ways to integrate third parties like Google Analytics.

These are huge benefits for content marketers looking to get some leverage from PDF content. Have enough reasons to jump in? Here’s how you get started.

Getting Started with Uberflip

Kicking off your Uberflip account is pretty straightforward. Here are the basics.

  • Sign up for a free trial. Get started with a 14 day free trial and play around with the platform for free — no credit card required.
  • Upload an eBook, presentation or other piece of content. Include a descriptive title. Optimize the post with tags, including keywords that’ll draw the right traffic. Repeat with all of your old content to start getting eyes right away.
  • Upgrade to a Pro or Enterprise account. For content-hungry businesses, it helps to upgrade your account. That way, you get extra benefits like multi-user management and simple subscription management.

Once you’re up and running, you can enhance your Flipbooks with widgets (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Flickr, YouTube, Vimeo, and SoundCloud, just to name a few), links, and more.

Optimizing Your Uberflip Content

Making the most of your Uberflip content requires the right touch. Here are a few tips to make an impact for your brand.

  • Spend time on your cover page. Cover pages are really, really important first impressions for your content. They can jump out at people the second they open a link to your content. Make sure to spend time designing eye-catching cover pages for your various projects.
  • Use consistent branding. As always, it’s important to maintain a consistent experience for your brand. Make elements like font, imagery, logo and other small details uniform to retain an image that readers will recognize.
  • Repurpose your old content. You’ve already created great blog content. Why not have a designer turn it into an Uberflip presentation? This is a great way to get the most of content you’ve already invested in.
  • Experiment with the kinds of content you upload. Uberflip is also a great place to post content in new formats and see how it performs. Use it as an experimentation tool to help optimize future pieces of content.

How do you use Uberflip?

Share some of your Uberflip best practices with us in the comments.