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5 Ways to Show Off Your Social Media Content In An Uberflip Hub

Show Off Social Media Content In Your Hub

When it comes to social media, it’s crucial to find a way to cut through the noise and keep your audience engaged with your brand.

We’re all aware of the distractions that come along with Twitter and Facebook. One brand’s post catches your eye, so you click on it. Next thing you know, you’ve clicked on an ad or another piece of content on the brand’s site, and you’re driven away from what you initially came for.

This is why posting your content to your social platforms and leaving it there isn’t always an effective strategy for driving engagement. However, centralizing your brand’s online presence can be a good way to send visitors on a cohesive journey that doesn’t suffer from interruptions from other brands, ads, or any other clickhole catalysts.

An Uberflip Hub is a great place to aggregate all types of content, and there are plenty of functionalities you can leverage to show off your social media content and keep your audience engaged.

Let’s take a look at a few.

Experiment with Tile View and List View

In addition to aggregating content, your Hub also provides different layout options to ensure your social content is displayed in the best way possible—specifically, Tile View and List View.

In Tile View, your Hub content appears in easily digestible tiles. Tile View is great for mapping out a story with your social content as it makes it very easy for a visitor to discover past content and "get lost" in your content experience.

Tile View

List View also allows for easy content discoverability, but provides more of a “feed-like” feel. In some cases, this can streamline how people consume your social content.

List View

Choose the view that works best for you and your social media goals.

Use Smart Filters to show off tweets about your brand

Smart Filters can help make your life easier by automating curation to populate the right Hub streams with fresh, targeted content.

A popular use case for Smart Filters is to create a Marketing Stream that includes only tweets that mention your brand, which can help accomplish a few things:

  • Demonstrating brand awareness by showing all the conversations happening about your brand across your social networks.
  • Establishing trust and credibility through direct social proof.  
  • Encouraging engagement—if a visitor sees other people mentioning your brand and asking questions, they’ll be far more likely to jump in the conversation.

Tweets about Uberflip

Collect tweets about a specific #hashtag

This tactic functions similarly to the Smart Filters feature mentioned above, but instead of using it to aggregate brand mentions, use it to consolidate tweets with a specific hashtag.

If you have an event coming up (be it a trade show, a conference, a webinar, or a Twitter chat), curate the tweets that include the specific event hashtag to centralize the event’s buzz. Visitors on your Hub will be able to keep up with the conversation prior to the event as you build-up hype, as well as during and after the event.

Some of our awesome Uberflip customers have displayed their marketing streams on a big screen at trade shows and conferences to encourage attendees to participate in the conversation and keep the buzz alive.

Event Hashtag

Embed streams of social content on a web page

Adding social media content to a web page is another great way to connect the dots between your online presence and your social media presence.

Embedding one of your Hub’s social media streams on your site will help bring your pages to life as your fresh social content appears in real-time. Your social content will help to further enforce the message you’re trying to send on your site. Similarly, it can showcase your content in a new and engaging way, while leveraging social proof to appear more credible (and often, more human).

Social Content

Put your social media content to work

Social media is a powerful distribution channel, but it can be so much more than that. Strategically show off your social content to cut through the noise, leverage your social proof, and keep your visitors on a cohesive journey as they consume your content.

You’ve worked hard creating your social media content—now put it to work in your Uberflip Hub!

Learn more Hub tips and tricks in the Uberflip Knowledge Base.

About the Author

Emilie is a Customer Success Specialist at Uberflip. Before joining the Uberflip team, she worked at an experiential staffing agency, helping brands provide tailored customer experiences.

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