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The customer engagement campaign that eliminated hundreds of hours in prep time

As the old adage goes, you never get a second chance to make a good first impression. In this video, Bri Jones, Sr. Manager of Marketing at Lev, shares how she helped the Lev team eliminate friction and put their best foot forward with a tailored welcome campaign for new customers.

After signing a partnership agreement with Lev, new customers usually had some downtime before their initial kickoff meeting with the Lev team. Bri created an onboarding campaign to keep customers engaged while they wait for the kickoff. 

“One of the most important goals of the campaign is to help customers feel like they’re being productive and have the tools they need to feel engaged with the organization while they wait. The hope is also that they would come more prepared to their kickoff with their Lev team,” Bri says. 

As one of the top Salesforce consultancies worldwide, Lev works with marketers to help them maximize their investments across the Salesforce platform. The professional services company has been growing rapidly for five years, and the marketing team has begun investing in the customer lifecycle to create exceptional customer experiences.

Starting the relationship off on the right foot

After a customer signs on with Lev, they are entered into a drip campaign and receive an email welcoming them aboard. The viewer then clicks through to a content destination—created using the Uberflip platform—where they can browse content exclusively created for new customers. This content is not accessible anywhere else in Lev’s Hub.

The welcome campaign content experience gives clients the tools and resources to maximize their time while they wait to kick off their partnership, and it provides them with touchpoints on the Lev team.

Uberflip Customer Stories - Lev Customer Marketing

Results of the customer enablement experience

Lev’s customer enablement journey has helped them reduce friction and has improved the overall customer experience: 

  • It saves six to eight hours of prep and meeting time per client
  • It saves hundreds of hours on the creation and distribution of content to help clients prepare for their kickoffs
  • It has helped fill 60% of the gap between contract signing and project kickoff

“Having a place to house and distribute content in a centralized way is a game changer for our organization,” Bri says. 

The future at Lev

This is just the beginning for the marketing team. Now that they own another important customer touchpoint, they plan to track customer renewal rates and find qualitative and quantitative ways to measure client preparedness coming into their kickoffs due to their welcome journey.