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Why All Your Ads Should Link to Content [Podcast]


In this episode of The Marketer’s Journey, I interview Carly Brantz, CMO at DigitalOcean. We discuss strategies for keeping marketers engaged and continuously evolving in their roles. Carly also shares her perspective on the changing nature of the content strategy, and why it’s an essential component of the customer journey today.

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Key takeaways from this episode:

  • Keep it fresh. When it comes to keeping CMOs engaged and growing within their roles, Carly recommends experimenting with as many different areas of the marketing practice as possible. By keeping it fresh year after year and venturing into unknown territory, Carly has been able to gain exposure to new areas of the business and become a continuous learner. 
  • Prioritize people. For Carly, making the jump to the C level was all about prioritizing her personal connections with people across the organization. Since marketing has become even more metrics-driven in recent years, Carly highlighted the importance of forging strong relationships within the finance department and maintaining those relationships through your career. 
  • Provide value first. In terms of the customer journey, Carly emphasized the importance of building trust by providing value from the get go. DigitalOcean does this through its hefty catalog of free learning resources including a repository of over 5,000 video tutorials as well as plenty of guides and research briefs geared towards developers.

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