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Is Your Brand Guilty of These Annoying Marketing Tactics? [Podcast]

Is there a marketing ploy that makes you cringe every time? In this special episode of the Content Experience Show, Anna and Randy bring back another game of “Pardon the Marketing” with a fresh theme: annoying marketing tactics.

For each two-minute round, they dig into what they hate (or love) most about controversial strategies and tools like full-page takeover ads, landing pages, LinkedIn messaging, smart speakers, social media ads, direct mail, unskippable YouTube ads, movie trailers, CTAs, and sales emails.

Join Randy and Anna as they debate the best and the worst of the most annoying marketing tactics. Then, weigh in yourself on social media using #conex and #pardonthemarketing to let them know if you agree!

In This Episode: 

Theories on What Makes Instagram Ads More Tolerable Than Other Social Ads

If Facebook and Instagram are the same company, why are Instagram ads so much more tolerable? Randy and Anna share their thoughts on feed versus story ads, and what they like and don’t like about them.

“Should we expect Instagram will eventually be lower quality as it’s diluted and they get more ads, or are they just somehow targeting us at a whole new level?” – @randyfrisch

Components of a Strong CTA

‘Click here’ is considered redundant CTA copy, but you can’t just go and make calls to action super random and interesting because that's not effective either. CTAs that are descriptive and relevant to the content experience they’re in are always the most effective.

“'Click Here' doesn't say anything to anybody. The more contextual the better, and the more descriptive the better.” – @annabananahrach

Thoughts on Google Home, Privacy, and Where Smart Speakers Should and Shouldn’t Be

While Google Homes make it a lot easier to ask for information on the fly, there’s also the question of privacy. Randy and Anna share their thoughts on where the Google Home oversteps privacy boundaries.

“Where does the right place for Google Home begin, and where does it end?” – @randyfrisch

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