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Uberflip Analytics: proving the value of content experience

Uberflip Analytics

Useful for: Understanding how buyers are engaging with your content so you can optimize the experience, focus on the right people, and prove the value of content.  

Uberflip Analytics provides marketers with the metrics and reporting that is critical to understanding what content is being consumed by your audience so you can build and perfect the buyer journey. There are many dashboards and reports you now have access to but there are a few we wanted to highlight that work together to paint a picture of content consumption and bingeing, so you can optimize for an accelerated journey.

1. What content is accelerating the buyer journey?

The Stream Performance dashboard is a great place to uncover which content experiences your audience is bingeing on. Every stream will have a different goal tied to the campaign it is servicing as the destination for. However, you can analyze the below key metrics in the Stream Details table to determine how well your streams are performing. 

Uberflip Analytics Stream Details

2. What campaigns are performing best?

If you’re focused on creating experiences that accelerate revenue (and you should be!) then your first stop in Uberflip Analytics should be measuring campaign performance. Use these metrics to identify what campaigns are worth investing in and what you might need to tweak to get the results you’re looking for.

In the Campaign Performance dashboard you’ll find your top-level summary metrics showing you the campaigns—based on UTM parametrics—and the sources that are delivering the most engagement and conversions.

Uberflip Analytics Campaign Performance

In the Top 5 Campaigns Over Time section you’ll see how your top five campaigns are performing over a period of time.

Uberflip Analytics Performance Over Time

Get even further insight into campaign performance with the Campaign Details table. This contains a detailed view of all the metrics in the dashboard broken out by your campaigns. Use this to see which campaigns are measuring up to your business goals.

Uberflip Analytics Campaign Details

3.What content is impacting conversions? 

Let’s zoom in even more on metrics you’re measuring by taking a look at the content you’re providing visitors along the buyer journey. The content you create is more important than ever before to the purchasing decision. According to Gartner, 82% of the buyer’s journey is now done independently, and to do all that research buyers are consuming about 11.4 pieces of content (Forrester) before making a buying decision. You want to be sure your content is valuable to your visitors, and you can do so by looking at the metrics in Uberflip Analytics.

The Item Performance Dashboard (located under Content in the left side navigation), shows how your content is performing from an engagement and conversion perspective. There’s a variety of metrics you can analyze here, but if your goal is to accelerate the journey your buyers take, then we recommend that you focus on the metrics in the chart below.

Ubeflip Analytics Item Performance Dashboard

You can also look at the Engagement By Content Type chart to determine which content type is resonating with your audience.

Uberflip Analytics Engagement by Content Type

4. What journey are your visitors taking?

Let’s look at the Visitor Journey dashboard, where you’ll uncover more crucial metrics on how your buyers are moving through the journey, and how long it takes for them to convert. If users aren’t visiting and moving through your experiences, then it will become quickly apparent there is too much friction.

Under Visitor Journey, in the left side navigation, you have the ability to understand how visitors are moving through content based on CTAs and specific pages. 

Uberflip Analytics Visitor Journey

On the Visitor Journey Detail you can drill down on the path visitors are taking to get a conversion. This is vital in determining how you can improve the buyer journey.

Uberflip Analytics Visitor Journey Detail

You want to encourage self-nurturing, so your buyers can educate on their own time and get closer to a purchase decision! You can use the data from the Visitor Journey Detail to glean which streams would make a good next step for visitors in your content recommendations. If you’re struggling to get visitors to move through a path and convert, we always recommend you leverage the power of Uberflip AI to set up automatic recommendations based on intent data. 

5. Are your ctas driving consumption and conversions? 

Getting traffic to your Hub is only part of the buyer journey—if you want visitors to keep engaging with your content and your company, you need to provide that perfect next step through CTAs. Let’s dive into how you can measure whether the CTAs you’ve created are converting those hard earned clicks. 

Within the Form CTA Performance dashboard, you can drill into how your Form CTAs are performing by analyzing the data shown here:

Uberflip Analytics Form CTA Dashboard

Get even more granular by looking at the Form CTA Details chart.

Uberflip Analytics Form CTA Details

Link CTA Performance is another area you’ll want to explore when measuring engagement. Link CTAs are very important for marketers to leverage when building out content consumption paths, as they help you seamlessly merge content with CTAs for a journey without dead-ends. 

Uberflip Analytics Link CTA Performance

At Uberflip we use Link CTAs as a show-beside, placed next to a blog article or piece of content, to draw the reader’s eye to the next relevant step to promote content and to further content consumption. 

Armed to accelerate! 

With these metrics in mind your organization will be properly armed to accelerate the buyer journey. Before you start measuring and optimizing your results, here are five more tips that will help you get the most out of using these dashboards:

  1. Use filters to zero in on the data that matters.
  2. Use drill options to get deeper into the data.
  3. Export data out of Uberflip Analytics for further analysis.
  4. Send reports to your team on how content is performing.
  5. Exclude internal IP addresses to maintain data integrity.

Visit Uberflip Help to access more how-to guides and troubleshooting articles, or to contact Uberflip Support.