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Five Marketplace Apps That Help You Create Better Content Experiences in Uberflip

Buyers today expect an experience with your content and won’t stick around if it’s not visually appealing or if it’s difficult to navigate. While Uberflip offers a ton of customization options for customers, these can require custom code to implement or OnBrand hours. 

You can easily enhance the visual and navigational experience of items and streams using apps from the Uberflip Marketplace. No coding required - all installed in one click!

Check out these 5 apps you can take advantage of today!

 iFramer: Embed External Content in Items

The iFramer app makes it easy to display in Uberflip external content that can’t be imported into your Hub. This could take the form of hosted reports, videos, web pages, or documents that need to live elsewhere. 

History: Filter New and Viewed Content

Have you ever found yourself clicking into an article and after perusing a couple of paragraphs realizing you’ve already read it? Or the flip side, have you ever really enjoyed a piece of content on someone’s blog, but struggled to find it again?

With the History app, you can make it easy for your visitors to filter through what they have and haven’t read. After installing this app, you’ll be able to select the Streams you wish to activate this feature on, set a minimum viewing duration before an item is considered viewed, and customize styling on those tiles.

Lightbox: Keep Visitors Bingeing

You’ve worked hard to capture the attention of buyers so why squander it away by linking to outside content? The Lightbox app lets you open assets in an immersive experience right on top of your Streams to view third party content then get back to the rest of your Stream without skipping a beat. 

Tile Customizer: Enhance the Look of Tiles 

The Tile Customizer app lets you configure the look and feel of your content tiles without having to mess around with custom code. Some of the most common customizations we’ve implemented for customers have been baked right into the app so you can adopt them in seconds. Enable a slick roll-up feature on your tile descriptions whenever a user hovers over them and add rounded corners to your content tiles. Hide the default link text at the bottom of every tile. Now it’s easy!

Tile Featured Ribbon: Highlight Content on your Stream 

Looking for a new way to highlight featured content on your Streams? The Tile Featured Ribbon app will replace the star icon on featured items with a customizable ribbon that can match your brand. 

Start Supercharging Your Experiences 

With tons of apps to choose from, the Uberflip Marketplace will help you create personalized content experiences that influence and direct buying behavior. Get started today by installing an app!

About the Author

Rahim is a former Senior Product Marketing Manager at Uberflip. He loves understanding the market, crafting messaging, and enabling internal teams for success.

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