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Uberflip continues to lead in content experience space

Uberflip continues to lead in content experience space

G2 has named Uberflip a leader in the Content Experience Platform category in its summer 2021 reports. 

The G2 summer 2021 report ranks top software products and services based on reviews from verified product users. By combining customer satisfaction scores with data from online sources and social networks, G2 is able to show which products have the most satisfied users and largest presence in the market.

Notably, Uberflip has been named a leader in Enterprise Content Experience Platforms, a category the company helped to create.

The full list of awards includes:

  • Enterprise Content Experience Platforms
  • Enterprise Content Creation
  • Content Experience Platforms
  • Content Creation
  • Enterprise Best Support
  • Enterprise High Performer
  • Users Love Us

“This recognition from G2 solidifies our position as the leading Content Experience Platform,” said Yoav Schwartz, Co-Founder at Uberflip. “It’s a high honor for us, because it’s reflective of feedback from our customers. At Uberflip, we believe that it’s important to listen, understand, and value each customer. When we do that well, we’re able to provide customers a great experience and deliver a product that meets the changing needs of their business. These awards are a great indication that we’re getting it right.”

Here’s what some of Uberflip’s customers have said recently on G2 about their experience: 

"Great content experience tool"

Uberflip is a great platform for creating unique, customizable content experiences for prospects, customers, and partners. I love that we can create smart filters that automatically pull the content into Streams without going through every datasheet, ebook, video, blog post we have. Uberflip makes it easy for us to build Streams that support our demand generation activities. The integration with 6Sense allows us to target content based on an account's in-market stage, which ensures that we're providing the right message at the right time

—Alexandra M, Senior Manager, Demand Generation

"Best marketing tool to connect buyer journey, content and demand generation"

Uberflip solves for some of the biggest, most common B2B marketing challenges all in one place. We're able to take buyers along a content journey and serve up the content that resonates most with them. And on the back end, all of the features give us the power to optimize SEO, get content-specific engagement insights and the flexibility to serve up content onbrand and where we want it.

—Hailey M, Director of Growth Marketing

"Amazing product and support!"

While the product is unmatched, my favorite thing about Uberflip is the customer service and support. I’ve worked with many Uberflip employees at all levels, and I never cease to be impressed. Everyone is so kind, willing to help, and goes above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction. Someone is always available to assist me and answer any question I have in a VERY timely manner.

Additionally, throughout my three years of working with Uberflip, I’ve also learned that nothing is impossible with their team and product. If I have a vision, they bring it to life and are just as excited about it as I am. The company really does have a “we’re all in this together” mentality and truly cares about every customer’s success.

—Caitlin S, Senior Copywriter

"Leveraging Uberflip to power our amazing resource center"

Uberflip allows our marketing team to easily upload, create, and share relevant content and resources with our customers. Uberflip's analytics are in-depth yet easy to pull and comprehend. We are successfully able to leverage our resource Hub to tell our story and to guide our customers throughout their journey, making them feel confident and ready for success throughout their trial and beyond. The account managers we've had the pleasure of working with are incredibly knowledgeable and responsive, and we genuinely feel that they are dedicated to our continued success. We can always count on Uberflip's customer support to help resolve any pressing issues or questions.

—Audrey T, Marketing Manager

For more information on Uberflip, visit or click here to see our latest product release information.

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