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How a Media Technology Company Increased Sales by Embracing Content

Steve West, Senior Content Marketing Manger at iQ Media explains how Uberflip was the solution to putting content in the hands of their Sales Team.

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The Company: iQ Media

iQ Media is a cloud-based media intelligence platform for broadcast television, online news, and social media. The iQ Media platform helps CMOs, PR professionals, and customer insights leaders properly evaluate their brands’ impact across earned and paid media.

The Problem: Sales was Missing the Power of Content

Steve West and the marketing team at iQ Media were struggling with many of the same challenges faced by most B2B marketing teams. Is our content working? How can we make our content work harder for the sales team?

With cumbersome processes making it a huge pain for their sales team to share content, the majority went unused. As a result, it was nearly impossible to measure how content  contributed to closed deals.

The iQ team also wanted to create a personalized content experience for their prospects that kept them engaged.

The Solution: Empowering Sales With Content

"We had just gone through a website redesign, so I knew that building this from scratch would be way too time consuming and impossible to maintain,” explained West. “I was producing all of our content and managing it, so I didn't have any time on my plate. Uberflip saved me a ton of time. It could not be easier to manage Uberflip on a day-to-day basis."

Having identified three key buyer personas that they wanted to focus on, West and his team could now easily serve up content to each of them without having to recreate the wheel.

"The big selling point for Uberflip was that it was such a great sales enablement tool,” said West. “We're able to give them something personalized, based on their persona, or key people involved in the decision. All in a way that's easily repeatable."

As he implemented Uberflip, West anticipated that training the sales team on a new piece of software and convincing them to adopt it was going to be a challenge.

"We started with a few sales reps that we knew had been asking for an easier way to share content and were likely to adopt it first. We then set up a 15-minute training session to walk them through how to use it. It was that easy. In the back of my mind, I wondered if usage was going to die out fast, but it didn't."

The Results: Closing Opportunities With Content

One of iQ Media’s Sales Directors, David Zion, has hit the ground running and now depends on Sales Streams for sharing content with his accounts. He has also seen big returns on his efforts. In less than six months after starting with Uberflip, Zion was able to credit five closed opportunities back to five Sales Streams, resulting in $150K in revenue.

"Uberflip helps drive a qualitative, personal relationship by understanding a prospect’s particular needs and pain points,” explained Zion. “Uberflip allows me to offer the most appropriate resources and deliver a message to benefit prospects. I don’t typically provide an Uberflip stream until after the initial conversation happens, at which point I’ll build the stream and reference it, then continuously share information throughout the process via relevant content. As the conversation continues, I’ll update the stream with proposals or additional resources to ultimately drive the deal."

West and the iQ Media Marketing team are thrilled to be able to put the power in the hands of sales directors, like Zion, to finally be able to share content in a way that fits into their workflow and is relevant to their prospects.

"Content is incredibly important, and content served in Uberflip is extremely helpful because it allows customers to digest material at their own pace without the salesperson hounding them,” said West “It’s an educational resource that is catered and specific to the item or issue they ultimately need to address."

They can also see metrics and know whether their efforts are worth it. And the answer is YES.

"Using the metrics, we're able to see that the average prospect spends two to seven minutes engaging with a Sales Stream per visit,” explained West. “This is huge for us!"

With results like these, the iQ Media sales team firmly believes that content works for them. It's also opened their eyes to the possibilities with content and they are now going to the marketing team with ideas and requests for more content.

"As a marketer, our big thing is to show the value of marketing and how it is helping people in the trenches,” said West. “Uberflip has allowed us to now open the door for sales to ask the question ‘what else can this [Marketing] team do to help us?’”