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How a Software Startup Increased Content Engagement by 300%

Carrie Murphy, Content Marketing Manager at Revinate shares how Uberflip is an awesome content experience platform.

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The Company: Revinate

Revinate is a rapidly growing SaaS start-up in Silicon Valley that is changing the hospitality industry. Their team designs and develops technology to improve the guest experience at hotels worldwide and nurtures a culture focused on generating bold ideas—and the bravery to pursue them.

The Problem: Transforming Traffic Into Engaged Leads

By the end of 2015, Carrie Murphy, Content Marketing Manager at Revinate, knew that their existing content marketing experience was in need of an upgrade. At the time, their blog and resource library were split into silos. While the blog was generating organic traffic via SERPs, the disconnect from their resources library meant they were not able to transform that traffic into leads. 

“Before Uberflip, one of the biggest problems we were having was that we had a separate blog and resources library,” explains Murphy, “We were getting a lot of organic traffic to the blog but weren't able to transfer that attention to where we were actually capturing leads in the resources library.”

The team also struggled with insights into how their content was performing. They were investing significant time and effort into creating content; however, with downloadable PDFs representing most of their premium assets, they lacked the ability to measure how visitors engaged with the content once it was downloaded. 

“Before Uberflip, I was spending a ton of time publishing behemoth how-to guides,” recalls Murphy, “But in my head, I was thinking, I don't think people are actually reading this whole thing.” 

The end result was a content experience that wasn’t buyer-centric, didn’t efficiently convert traffic to leads, and failed to provide the engagement they needed to further nurture prospects. 

Murphy and her team tried building a solution internally using their own CMS, but quickly realized that it was not the best approach: “We tried building internally, and it was just taking a lot of man-hours. We didn't really have the ability to integrate our blog and resources library in the way we wanted because we were building in WordPress. We also just don't have the dev time to build that kind of thing for ourselves”

The Solution: An Out-Of-The-Box Solution To Content Engagement

After exploring Uberflip, Murphy and her team decided that the content experience platform addressed the challenges Revinate faced building an integrated content experience. 

“Uberflip is the perfect solution for our content marketing,” says Murphy “It’s really great to have a true out-of-the-box solution.”

After deploying a new Resources Hub with Uberflip, the Revinate team was free to implement the changes to their content strategy that they had envisioned, generating impressive results. They could now determine which of their assets were performing best and identify new opportunities that could be leveraged for lead generation. “This has actually lead us to change the way that we gate content,” Murphy explains, “So, if something is being shared a lot on social media, we’ll decide to gate it and capture more leads that way. So, for example, we’re seeing a 35% conversion rate on one piece of content that was not even gated previously.”

The Results: Turning The Dial on Visitor Engagement and MQL Velocity 

With the fundamental improvements to their content experience and the greater insights they afforded, Murphy improved time-on-page by 300%, a key metric by which she measures the effectiveness of her most important lead generation assets. 

“Clearly, people were more engaged and more interested in the medium that we were serving up to them than previously,” explains Murphy, “Before Uberflip, 6% of readers were getting through to the end of our eBooks. Now, 30% of people are reading through the whole thing.”

Murphy and her team also noticed that visitors were now consuming content with greater velocity: something that caused them to rethink the way they were approaching their Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs). “Uberflip has allowed us to create a new MQL type that depends on this binging story where people read a piece of content, and then they read another piece of content, and another piece.... Those leads tend to convert better than those who are converting over a longer period of time. This was the story we were able to tell with Uberflip, and that was super helpful to us.”