How Booker Decreased Their Cost-Per-Lead by 71%

November 1, 2016


  • Relied heavily on outbound tactics and paid channels to acquire customers; needed a better inbound solution
  • Lacked a solid content strategy 
  • Marketo setup and lead scoring was in disarray 


  • A single destination for all of their content
  • A way to generate more qualified leads with a way to gate premium content
  • An easy way to organize their content and make changes quickly
  • A system to track how contacts engaged with content from top of the funnel to sales handoff
  • Seamless integration with Marketo


  • Decreased cost per lead by 71%
  • Decreased cost per acquisition by 49%
  • Cut lead generation by over 60%
  • Leveraged inbound marketing to drive 95% of closed deals
  • Tripled inbound lead volume
  • Increased unique visits to blog by 1600%
  • Outpaced paid acquisition channels with organic leads by an 11:1 ration (previously 5:1)
  • Secured 50% of upsell and cross-sell opportunities driven by content and marketing automation
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