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How an enterprise cost management platform increased engagement and leads by 100%

aPriori knew what they had to do to get better engagement with their content, they just needed a little help getting there. Learn how their small content team boosted engagement & doubled leads.

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The company: aPriori

aPriori is an enterprise product cost management platform. Their mission is to help discrete manufacturers’ teams collaborate more effectively to bring innovative, cost-optimized products to market faster.

The problem: Not seeing the results they wanted

Since they’re all about efficiency and cost-effectiveness, the team at aPriori wanted their content strategy to reflect their mission. aPriori was invested in content but wasn’t seeing the results they wanted. They saw the value of content in driving leads, visibility, and awareness but they were finding it hard to attribute leads back to their syndication programs.

“Our syndication program provided a lot of eyeballs. We saw a good 20% increase in traffic as a direct result which was awesome, but we couldn’t really attribute any new leads or opportunities to that program,” shared Sandy Turcotte-Lim, aPriori’s Director of Advocate and Content Marketing. “We decided to discontinue spending the money on that program and look for a better way to spend it to achieve our goals.”

As a small team of only two people with limited resources, aPriori needed something to take their content strategy to the next level without requiring a lot of build out time or adding more work to their already packed days.

The solution: Increasing results without increasing work

After pinpointing the areas that could use improvements in their current resource center, the team went on the hunt for a new solution.

“I’m always looking for and trying new tools and tactics to achieve our goals,” said Turcotte-Lim. “When I came across Uberflip, I liked the idea of improving the customer/prospect experience when coming to our site. Creating a graphical interface with our content organized in a way that makes more sense to our target audience was what we needed. Visitors aren’t coming to our site saying ‘I want to watch a video’– people are searching for solutions to the problems they have.”

To take their content from a “tired” list of content on a website to an Uberflip Hub, the help of Uberflip’s onboarding team was critical, especially since aPriori would only have one person available to fill their new Hub with all of their content.

“Our onboarding coach, Tyler, was great in supporting us and walking us through the process,” shared Turcotte-Lim. “Although we had only one person uploading and organizing all the content, from the time we actually started the implementation work to completion, it didn’t take that long to get up and running. We were fully launched in four to five weeks, tops.”

The results: Letting the numbers lead the way

After the short time it took to launch their new Hub, aPriori started to saw an increase in engagement. Visitors were spending more time on their site, with a 90% increase in pageviews in the first month after launch. Pages per visit increased by 137%, and 32% of visitors were navigating back to their main site. With Uberflip, aPriori was also able to double their leads based on their monthly average.

Once they started seeing these results, aPriori was able to adjust how they approached their content strategy and make shifts to keep their engagement momentum moving upward.

“We’re now better able to communicate internally what is and isn’t working and not just make content decisions around what people want. We can now ask, ‘Is the data sheet that sales wants really worth our time?’ and have numbers to back up our decisions. Since our team is so small, we have to be picky about the projects we spend time on.”

By analyzing their metrics, aPriori is using data to influence the promotions they are creating and use Uberflip to create content to help improve user experiences to drive more leads. They started creating more personalized user paths and refreshed old content that was still converting to make it more relevant for the reader.


Marketing can now make more accurate predictions around their strategies and the data they’re collecting is helping with informing upcoming years’ fiscal plans.


“We can see the path forward and know where we want to go. I feel like Uberflip is part of what’s going to help us get there.”