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Seven Ways to Power Customer Experiences

The original version of this post was written by Sam Brennand

Our business is based on repeat customers and word of mouth. There’s a lot of value in building up our brand name and what it stands for. We view the money that we spend on customer service as marketing money that improves our brand.

- Tony Hsieh

Tony Hsieh’s one of my professional heroes. Over the last decade, Tony and the team at Zappos have built an innovative business by focusing on surprise and delight. By creating exceptional customer experiences, Tony’s built a billion dollar brand and turned Zappos into a famous example of how to develop customers into raving fans.

Customers are also a source of readily accessible growth. According to Gartner, 80% of an organization’s future revenue comes from 20% of its current customers. Each of your customers is a highly qualified prospect that’s primed to expand its relationship with your organization.

How Uberflip Does Customer Marketing

Uberflip lives at the center of your customer marketing efforts, empowering you to create the kinds of amazing content experiences that encourage adoption, retention, expansion, and advocacy. 

Here are some ideas to help your Marketing and Customer Success teams utilize content to fuel customer marketing efforts at each stage of the customer lifecycle.

Launch a Customer Newsletter Experience

Our Experiences newsletter is a new spin on email newsletters. Each monthly edition is based on a customer-focused theme and includes a single call-to-action that leads to a branded Marketing Stream. 

Using this format we’ve been able to get customers consuming twice as much content compared to older newsletters. The other great benefit is that we can share these Streams across our different marketing channels, allowing them to remain valuable long after the initial email. 

Uberflip Experiences Newsletter

Onboard Customers With an On-Demand Academy

You can onboard customers faster with personalized training programs and educational content. With Marketing Streams, you can curate only the most relevant training content from your library and package it in an experience where the next article is always the next best step. 

Our success team and trainers love this use case because it gives them the ability to tailor-make a content experience for every team they work with, with the flexibility to update content on the fly and keep it relevant. 

Uberflip Academy Screenshot

Enable Key Accounts With Their Own Hub

Take your customer experience to the next level by providing key accounts with their own personalized content Hub. 

You can customize the experience to speak directly to their needs and password protect the entire Hub or individual Streams, making it safe to share sensitive content. 

Uberflip Customer Hub Example

Create an Exclusive Experience for Your Customer Advisory Board 

At Uberflip, we use a Hub to manage our Customer Advisory Board (CAB). Since we can lock down the Hub with a password, it makes it easy to share beta information, meeting notes, presentations, and other sensitive material. At any time, a board member can pop into the Hub to access past notes, upcoming meeting information, and relevant content. 

CAB Content Experience Example

Launch New Products With a Bang

Manage launches like a pro by packaging all of your content into a single Marketing Stream. This makes it easy for your CSMs and customers to find the information they need regarding any new release. 

We also use our Product Updates Stream as a way to make release notes and new feature announcements easily accessible to customers. 

Product Campaign Experience Example


Empower CSMs to Better Enable Customers With Content

Get each of your CSMs to install the Uberflip Extension and use it to share relevant content with customers. With all of your customer-focused content in Uberflip, it's easy for CSMs to create a Sales Stream after every call and share it as a valuable takeaway. 

Uberflip CSM Sales Stream example

Share Inspiring Customer Stories and Examples

Customer stories and examples are some of the most valuable resources for customers (and prospects). People naturally want to see what other successful customers are doing and look for bits of inspiration they can borrow. Really Good Content Experiences is an experience we’ve built to source and share bite-sized customer examples.


Content is the Most Effective Way to Ignite Meaningful Relationships

If you are investing in customer marketing, you need to also be thinking about your customer’s content experience. Doing so will make easier to onboard new customers, demonstrate the value of your product, retain your customers, find expansion opportunities, and encourage your customers to become advocates for your brand.

Customer marketing is all about building lasting relationships with your customers and the experience your provide at every step is key.