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An inside look at Uberflip’s post-sale services and support

Making a software purchase is a big deal, and as a marketing leader, it’s important to consider the impact any new technology will have on your team. What will they have to do to get it up and running? How will they be supported? Where does this new platform or tool fit into your long-term strategy?

It’s true—there’s a lot to think about. 

So before you get overwhelmed, we want to give you a look at the post-sale experience here at Uberflip. From onboarding to long-term strategic advice, here’s what you can expect in terms of services and support for Uberflip customers. 

Getting set up and ongoing support

From day one of your journey with Uberflip, we want you to feel fully supported and like our whole team has your back. (It does!) To kick things off, our in-house implementation experts will guide you through a foundational training program that will help you understand how to personalize content experiences at scale across your marketing programs. 

Your dedicated team will also help with setting up any technical integrations to make sure you’re getting the most of the platform. Onboarding a new piece of technology is often the hardest part, and it’s important for us to make sure you’re comfortable with your setup as we embark on our partnership together. 

Once you’re up and running, you can then select from a set of strategic packages to align with your marketing priorities. This will allow you to further tailor your onboarding to suit your business’s unique needs and goals. And don’t worry, your dedicated customer success manager (CSM) will be around to help out with all of it! 

Customer success manager and customer on a Zoom call

On top of CSM support, our Uberflip Help portal is available 24/7 for inquiries and to place requests, and we have a kick-butt technical support team that will help iron out any issues you encounter along the way. 

Creating a seamless branded experience

At Uberflip, we understand the importance of consistent branding. In fact, we know it’s crucial to consider appearance and brand consistency when looking at the environment in which your content lives in order to drive engagement. We understand the strain it can be on your already-strapped developers to apply your website’s design to a new instance when they’re implementing a new piece of technology. That’s where our onBrand team comes in.

Our onBrand developers will work closely with your team to gain an understanding of your brand in order to create a seamless experience from your website to your Content Hub. And the best part? You only have to do it once! After onBrand changes are implemented, every campaign destination your team creates will have your branding applied and will sit within your newly designed Hub. 

Take a look at a couple of our favorite before and after onBrand makeovers below. They really make a difference! 

Western Computer

Western Computer is a Microsoft Dynamics reseller based in Oxnard, California. Before their Uberflip onBrand overhaul, Western Computer used text links on their website to link to their resources. Now, they use beautiful banners and content tiles, organized by industry, product, content type, and topic. What we love most is how seamless the experience is going from website to hub. You’d never know it was designed by two separate teams!

Quorum Software

Quorum Software offers a portfolio of finance, operations, and accounting software for energy companies of all sizes. Here you can see just how consistent the branding is from Quorum’s website to their resource hub. Their navigation bar carries over, and custom styling has been applied to their Uberflip instance, presenting buyers with a cohesive experience from end-to-end.

Strategic coaching along the way

Whether you have a small marketing department and need some strategic guidance, or are part of a larger organization and are looking for some support steering the ship, our expert services are a great option for any team who’s looking for some expert help. 

Uberflip’s expert services program operates much like working with a full-stack marketing consultant, only this individual has a proven track record of leveraging Uberflip to launch and scale results-driven marketing campaigns for inbound, demand generation, account-based marketing, and more. For a set number of hours a week, this consultant is truly an extension of your team. 

A network of support

Working with Uberflip also means that you have access to our robust network of agency partners who can help you bring any and all of your marketing dreams to life. So whatever goals you have in mind, you can browse our partner directory and find the service partner that specializes in what you’re looking to achieve. 

From SEO to account-based marketing, our partners have worked with a number of Uberflip clients to drive results and take their approaches to new levels. 

Partner directory webpage with links to various partners

We’ve got your back

We get it—a new software purchase can be a lot to take on. But our goal is to take most of that pressure off by offering up our rockstar team to do the heavy-lifting and equipping yours with everything they need to succeed. All that’s left to do now is begin! 

Ready to get started? Connect with an Uberflip expert here.