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The (Not-So-Secret) Formula Of The Modern CMO [Infographic]

CMO marketing skills

Understanding the role of a chief marketing officer in 2014 isn't easy. There’s the digital marketing landscape taking over on one front that is changing how business is conducted and revenue generated, and ever-growing corporate accountability on the other. Customers have taken control of the brand conversations and the rules of marketing are changing. What used to work 10 years ago isn't as effective anymore.

Then of course, there are the leadership and staffing problems that come with all of it, as well as the business of creativity itself. Uberflip's latest visual explores the key traits and trends that define modern CMOs. Take a look!

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53% of CMOs feel the biggest change to their team's responsibilities is an increased pressure to enable revenue growth (Deloitte) - Tweet it

Companies that align their marketing and sales teams experience an average of 20% growth in annual revenue (Aberdeen Research) - Tweet it

70% of CMOs say marketing will change fundamentally in next 5 years (Accenture) - Tweet it


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