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The Content Marketer’s Editor is the Kind of Editor You Need

Hi there. In case we haven’t met, let me explain that I’m new to Uberflip and the world of content marketing.

One of the functions of my role is to manage content across our social channels (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.), on our Hub and various other sites across the world wide web. Most of what I do is done with the hope that someone like you will click, read, keep reading, and hopefully come back to do the same all over again. Editing infiltrates everything I do.

Editing and being an “editor” means many things to many people. Some see editing as the act of “proof and post,” others understand that editing requires the ability to translate corporate objectives into an overarching content creation/distribution strategy. While these are both true, the kind of editor a content marketer needs can fill both roles ensuring content created offers readers value in return for their time.

The concept of “value in return for time” should work for you and the reader.

27 million pieces of content are shared each day, of that only 60%-70% of content is used. And, to make matters worse, only 35% of B2B marketers have a documented content strategy. Understanding these stats, it’s clear that a lot of people are firing off content just for the sake of it (which is a big waste of time and resources) and distributing without a plan.

Would that blog post be better off as a tweet? Can that infographic become a blog post, report or inspire a webinar? The content marketer’s editor (often referred to as content manager, you may have someone on your team who does this already) can help create content and develop a distribution strategy that will give back as much as you put in, ultimately providing a plan that will benefit you and the reader.

Like I said, I’m new. These grand expectations scare me too (I say as I thank my lucky stars for my uber supportive team who make my life easier than it could be). Whether you are considering the need for an editor or trying to fill these jumbo-sized shoes yourself, you’d be better off understanding what an editor in the content marketing world does and how they can help.

The Content Marketer’s Editor:

Measures and Reports

It’s 2014. If you are not measuring and tracking how your content performs, I’d suggest you do. An editor knows where to look for this intel, or if you are lucky data collection is built into your publishing platform. They can then review it to understand what’s performing where content creation/ distribution opportunities lie.

Helps to Drive Strategy 

Strategy should be data driven. Deciphering data and applying it in a practical way requires analytic thought. An editor can read data, stays current with industry trends, knows what channels are hot, what topics drive leads, and can align this lintel with corporate goals to help develop a content creation/distribution strategy that delivers on objectives.

Makes Content Work Harder

Canadian friends are no doubt familiar with Scotiabank's slogan, “You're richer than you think.” The editor’s version of this is “you've got more content than you think.” Content takes time to produce and if you are creating great content that is founded on data and driven by strategy, don’t you want it to work a little harder for you? An editor can take one post and see the potential in it to stretch farther. That post COULD be a tweet, a series, a collaboration opportunity, a slideshare…

Knows What Medium is Right for the Message

Editors determine which medium is right for the message. They also work like traditional news desk editors understanding that the work put in must be be worth the reward. This can usually be determined by the relevance of the content and what has worked in the past. The “input = output” equation aside, as a general rule some content should be shared on certain channels and not others. For example, wishing your CEO a happy birthday works on you corporate Instagram or Twitter feed but might not work as a full blog post. An editor knows where to draw the line and can make those oh-so-tough calls.

Develops a Content Calendar

Content Calendars are incredibly helpful when managing content creation, multiple contributors, and distribution on appropriate channels. An editor takes it one step further ensuring timeliness and relevance so that the content created is served up in front of the right audience at the right time. After all, being seen is half the battle, isn't it?

Covers the Basics

And, like all true editors, the content marketer’s editor edits, formats and publishes content. They also monitor, report and improve (when possible) so that each bit of content shared is optimized for your target audience. 

Having an editor is not a catch-all for improving your content’s performance, but if you work together and learn from each other, you definitely can’t go wrong.

Are you convinced? Do you have someone acting as your “editor?” Share your experiences with us in the comments!

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If you follow Uberflip on any of our social media channels or enjoy reading the content found here on our Hub, you're already familiar with what Erin does. Armed with a passion for creating engaging digital content and experience in the traditional corporate communications field, she finds ways to put her talents to use online and off.

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