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Making Multimedia Content SEO Friendly

For years marketers have been drilled about the importance of making content SEO friendly. We know that to make websites rank higher on Google search, the website text needs to be SEO-optimized through keywords, meta tags, and more. But with the growing importance of multimedia content such as videos, podcasts, digital flipbooks, images, audio, and animations, what happens to the SEO best practices that we’ve been mastering for so long? How can marketers best optimize content that isn’t text-based? It’s easier than you think!

Videos & Podcasts

Although Google can’t crawl the content within your video or podcast, it can analyze the text-based information surrounding it. Let’s take YouTube as an example: when you upload a video, you have the option to include a title, a short description, tags, and keywords. Google crawls this text surrounding the video and ranks it accordingly. As such, ensure this text is optimized, just as you would a blog piece or your website. The same process is true for non-YouTube videos and podcasts.


While there are fewer areas you can optimize for images, there are two important aspects that still provide SEO value. First, make sure you fill the text for the HTML ALT tags of your images. The ALT tag creates a hover tip and this is what Google uses for Google Images. Second, ensure that you select a file name for your image that is relevant and captures the main message you’re presenting. Google also indexes image file names so this is another important aspect of making all your content SEO friendly.


When you upload an Issue with Uberflip, the text in your document is extracted so the content can be indexed by Google. Unlike a PDF, your page flip document isn’t uploaded as an image, allowing it to be SEO-optimized. You should also add keywords in your title when applicable. Furthermore, consider creating a landing page if you’re looking to fully optimize your flipbooks for SEO. In the same way that you need to create a landing page in order to fully optimize a YouTube video, it’s ideal to have a landing page for your flipbook that’s optimized with the regular SEO elements that are important for Google.

Do you have any questions about optimizing your multimedia content for SEO? Ask us in the comments!

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After graduating from the HBA program at the Richard Ivey School of Business, Aaliyah launched her career as Marketing Coordinator at Uberflip! Prior to her HBA, Aaliyah also completed a Bachelor in English at Western University.

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