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Learn about Uberflip Themes and why we created them

So you want to create more relevant and engaging experiences for your buyers and Uberflip is looking like the best choice. The next question from most of our customers is: How soon can we get started? 

We want to get you up and running FAST - how does 14 days sound? That’s why we developed Uberflip Themes - a collection of prebuilt templates with our best performing design components optimized for success out-of-the-box. The best part is you can apply your brand's distinct look-and-feel, so you’ll shine like a rockstar in the eyes of your creative team!

Why Uberflip Themes?

  • Launch faster: Customers on an Uberflip theme launch in as little as two weeks compared to 6-8 weeks with a fully custom build. 
  • Improve performance: Themes are natively optimized to meet accessibility standards with no additional coding and score above average on Google Lighthouse assessments.
  • Reduce bottlenecks: Themes are easy to maintain once launched and can be adjusted without web development/IT support. 

What goes into an Uberflip Theme?

In order to create themes that would achieve the engagement results our customers expect, we dug deep to learn about user behavior. The result was creating Uberflip themes around two design principles rooted in psychology: 

  • Jakob’s law: this law states that people spend most of their time on other websites and are therefore already used to certain design patterns. Each Uberflip Theme contains elements that would be familiar to users, based on what they have interacted with on other websites - making the experience you provide more intuitive and familiar.
  • Hick’s law: this law states the more choices we have, the longer it takes to make a final decision. We took it upon ourselves to remove complexity and select a handful of elements that work well together and are optimized to perform based on implementing thousands of customers just like you. You’re welcome. 

Examples of design features

Here are just some of the features you can expect with an Uberflip Theme:



Slide up hover

Engage visitors with a content preview without click-through

Large tile sizes

Create visual impact and showcase content more prominently

Landscape feature tile

Display hero content using a landscape orientation

Multiple feature tiles

Heighten interest and engagement with multiple hero assets

The future of Uberflip Themes

Our team is already hard at work on designing the next evolution of Uberflip Themes. In the future, you’ll be able to select from a growing roster of design features and add them to your current theme. This will provide unparalleled flexibility and the ability to test components for maximum impact.

How to get started with Uberflip Themes

Head on over to explore our collection of themes and check out how some of our customers have brought a specific theme to life. When you have a couple options in mind, give our friendly team a shout. They’ll put together a proof-of-concept using your brand that will be sure to knock your socks off. 


About the Author

Rahim is the Senior Product Marketing Manager at Uberflip. He loves understanding the market, crafting messaging, and enabling internal teams for success.

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