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Killer Content That Wins: Creating an Award-Winning Interactive Assessment

Award-Winning Interactive Assessment | Uberflip

[Note: This post is part one of three, where we share our behind-the-scenes story of how we created our award-winning interactive assessment. Jump ahead to the next posts in part two and part three.]

It’s an exciting and proud day for us. At the B2B Marketing Exchange in Scottsdale, Arizona, the Uberflip Marketing Team was awarded a 2018 Killer Content Award, also affectionately known as The Finny. We received our Finny for our interactive assessment, “Are You a Marketing Tourist, or an Explorer?” as part of our Own the Journey campaign.

Marketing Maturity Profiles | Uberflip

We accepted this honor for creating what DemandGen Report calls, “interactive experiences that engage people to participate, such as quizzes and assessments, to drive buyers through the funnel.” The 25-question assessment took participants through five categories that assessed their marketing maturity and based on their answers they earned the ranking of one of four adventure-themed profiles.

The Backstory: From Launch to Submission in 15 Days

We launched our assessment on October 18, 2017. We prepared a submission for the Killer Content Award 15 days later, while our early results were still coming in. Our entry was selected among a list of finalists by The Demand Gen Report editorial staff, with an advisory board choosing the final winners.

It was our first time entering this category, and to top it all off, we were rookies. It was our first ever effort at undertaking an interactive assessment. But just because the submission process was rushed, doesn’t mean the planning process was!

So, just how did we do it? This is the first in a series of posts on how we created our award-winning interactive assessment. But the first order of business is to complete the assessment yourself! In the upcoming weeks we’ll break down, step-by-step, our methodology and process. Stay tuned!

Complete our award-winning interactive assessment that received the 2018 Killer Content Award.

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