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ICYMI: Uberflip’s fall 2021 launch event recap

Check out the event recap from our fall 2021 product launch event! 

Table of Contents: 

Although we’re swimming in a sea of data, there’s work to be done for B2B marketers to truly understand who is visiting our site, and attributing performance to the right pieces of content that lead to conversion. At our fall ‘21 product launch event, we dove into how data analytics can power your campaigns--and how to access enriched data to put a name to your visitor IDs.

During the fall ‘21 product launch event, we started by unpacking the strategic vision for the Uberflip platform and our areas of focus, where we are today, and our future vision. Then we reviewed our accomplishments in Q3. Take a look here to get more information on our Embed Parameters, code Saver and Stream Purpose, which were released during the summer product launch event. Then we jumped into our exciting new product releases that will help marketers to better understand and measure the customer journey. 

Let’s take a look at the key insights from our speaker sessions, as well as the new product releases you can expect from Uberflip.

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Speaker session highlights

After much internal debate, we decided to switch from a first and last touch to a multi-touch model. Michael Waldron, VP of Marketing at Uberflip, walked us through how Uberflip is pulling back the curtain on attribution. 

Check out the recording to get a deep dive into the difference between multi-touch and last-touch attribution, as well as four steps for tracking attribution. 

New releases at Uberflip

This week, we launched new features designed to provide deeper insights into how different teams are using content, and to improve your user experience. 

Marketo Enrichment 

While customers could always access powerful content engagement and performance analytics, the buyers behind that data have been anonymous. This enhanced offering within Uberflip Analytics leverages an integration with Marketo, the customer’s marketing automation platform (MAP), to deliver information like a buyer’s name, location, company details, lead status and specific content consumed. 

This is just the beginning! Enrichment is currently available for Marketo customers, with development underway to release the capability to Eloqua, HubSpot and Pardot users in the near future as well.

Here’s why you’ll love it:

  • Discover the buyers behind content
    • Add key segment data to Uberflip Analytics: Pull in any MAP fields at the contact or account level and map them against your content analytics
  • Explore enriched dashboards
    • Leverage our prebuilt companies and contacts dashboards to get a birds eye view into who is engaging with your content. Use fields such as User, Content Type, and Content ID based on what you want to capture
  • Enhance customized reporting
    • Gain the insights that matter to you with enrichment fields in Explore

Other exciting new capabilities being released include: 

6sense Tag Manager:

  • Improve content tagging efficiency for ABM campaigns with the ability to serve relevant content based on intent data by adding 6sense attribute tags easily to Uberflip.
  • Seamlessly import 6sense tags 

Stream Internal Name:

  • Improve stream organization and reporting by creating distinct internal stream names designed to support enterprise scale.
  • Improve Stream organization

App framework updates

  • Gain more flexibility and control over Uberflip Marketplace apps by configuring them at a stream level 

Call-to-Action (CTA) Management Page

  • Manage CTAs with ease with a redesigned experience that's significantly faster and easier to navigate and find what you are looking for

Want to see the full session? Check out the recording

View the full press release here