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I Went to UFX and Got Way More Than a T-Shirt (For Once)

UFX swag bag

Marketers love swag. It's honestly one of the best parts of going to conferences, whether you just grab a free t-shirt to wear for pajamas or do something more creative with it. Who doesn't love free stuff?

Aside from the swag bag you'll get at check-in, at The Uberflip Experience, we'll have a swag store where attendees will be able to pick and choose their own swag! Through the conference's app, you can earn points to redeem for different swag items. Here's a sneak peek at what will be available: 


Uberflip Flip Flips

Finish off summer in style with your own pair of Uberflips (Get it? FLIPS. Flip flops. It's a pun.).

Uberflip Socks

Uberflip Socks

If you prefer keeping your feet warm, grab a pair of socks!

Uberflip Hoodie 

Uberflip Hoodie

Fall is approaching which means SWEATSHIRT SEASON 🍂!


Uberflip tshirts

What's a conference without t-shirts? Especially, PINK t-shirts! 



Uberflip's hot pink headbands are kind of a big deal. By the way, that's Ann Handley's dog wearing one. You may not look as good as the dog, but we guarantee you'll look really cool. 



Complete your (very pink) look with some killer shades. 

Plus more! 

We can't tell you everything that will be at The Uberflip Experience! Where's the fun in that? Check out the Swag Store at the event to see everything :)

You still have time to get your ticket to The Uberflip Experience! Sign up now.

About the Author

Caitlin is Uberflip’s Events & Communications Manager. When not planning events, she enjoys rap bingo, and her drink of choice is a double gin and soda in a tall glass with extra limes.

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