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How Do You Stack Up? Uberflippers Show Off Their Marketing Stacks

Content Marketing Stack

As a marketer, you know that there’s no single do-it-all solution that lets your team execute all of your company’s marketing initiatives.

Here at Uberflip, we use over 20 different tools and platforms to help us as a team. Each tool plays a specific role in our success.

There is a growing trend for companies to build out an ecosystem of tools and platforms to enable anything from content creation to nurture campaigns. Naturally, marketers are keen to seek out and share knowledge about which tools fit seamlessly together.   

Jamie Barnett, VP of Marketing at Netskope, describes it well in her post The Marketing Stack: The End of “Suite”:

“What we're experiencing in our team is not unique. Marketing peers in other companies have or are building the same system (in fact, we regularly trade ideas and share our favorite tools with each other), and other teams are doing the same.”

So, we reached out to some Uberflippers to pick their brains for insight and take a closer look at what tools they include in their marketing stack.

Here's what they revealed.

Wes Quintin, Avanti

1. What's in your marketing stack?

  • Uberflip
  • Marketo
  • Vidyard
  • Google Analytics
  • Moz
  • Optimizely
  • Oh there’s more…

2. What do you think is the backbone of your stack that helps everything run smoothly?

“Me, only kidding. I think that Marketo’s great network of LaunchPoint partners (e.g. Uberflip) enables it to be a very powerful tool to tie everything together for better demand generation.”

3. If you could pick one, what tool would you recommend to every B2B marketer? Why?

“Honestly almost every tool is indispensable. But really when it comes down to it. Google Analytics (go figure, the free one) is the one that every B2B Marketer (and every Modern Marketer) needs to know. It teaches you so many things and really helps to build the fundamentals of how digital marketing is a world built on integration, attribution, and optimization.”

Chris Dennen & Kristen Aucoin, Schneider Electric

1. What’s in your Stack?

  • Uberflip
  • Act-On
  • Salesforce
  • Shared Folder and Box folders

2. What’s the backbone of your Marketing Stack?

“I think the backbone of our marketing stack is a tie between marketing automation (Act-On) and our Content Management System (Uberflip).  We need  to manage and communicate with our large audience (over 100,000 contacts broken out into various segments).  Through our marketing automation tool we are able to create and manage e-mail campaigns and distribute them to specific contacts based on their segment, and track performance as well to see what is working best.  However, we communicate the content that lives in our content management system, so the two go hand in hand.  Our content management system is very important because it is the place our customers go to to get information, so it needs to be neat, easy to navigate, and constantly updated with the latest and greatest content.”

3. If you could recommend one tool to every B2B marketer what would it be?

“If I had to recommend one tool to every B2B marketer it has to be Uberflip. A company's customers should have access all of a business' relevant content in one place. This hub should also give marketers the ability to curate their content in the order they see fit, while still giving the customer choices. Marketers also want to be able to measure all of our content on a level playing field. Uberflip has allowed us to do all of these.”

Andrew Klotz, GFGrid

1. What’s in your marketing stack?

  • Pipedrive
  • Google Analytics
  • Uberflip
  • MailChimp
  • AddThis

2. What do you think is the backbone of your stack that helps everything run smoothly?

“I read the question as this: 'What sits next to the email tab in my browser?' Since I am focused on growing the client list and keeping the existing ones happy,  Pipedrive is the go-to. It helps me stay on top of all the outstanding projects, pitches, etc. in order to close sales and keep clients happy.”

3. If you could pick one, what tool would you recommend to every B2B marketer? Why?

“There are enough CRMs out there so let's skip that category. I'm going with Uberflip as a tool to deliver different types of content and present it to users in a clean, attractive way. Since B2B has a much longer sales cycle and the information gathering is a lot more involved, offering prospective clients a wealth of content to make a buying decision is very powerful.”

Francois Mathieu, Uberflip 

1. What's in your marketing stack?

  • Uberflip
  • Wistia
  • Unbounce
  • HubSpot
  • Google Analytics
  • KISSmetrics 

While these are the main services that we use to manage our content and assess our marketing results,  we also use a ton of other applications to help us manage our workflow.

2. What do you think is the backbone of your stack that helps everything run smoothly?

"Since content is front and center to our marketing strategy, Uberflip is where all the magic happens. This is where we create and host our content, and also how we capture most of the leads that are later synced with our marketing automation software."

3. If you could pick one, what tool would you recommend to every B2B marketer? Why?

"I highly recommend HubSpot as a marketing automation platform. It simply has the most intuitive user interface and gives you the flexibility you need to create any campaign you can imagine."

What's in your stack?

Many of the marketers who shared their stacks for this post admitted they were probably leaving out some tools. And while there were some similarities in the answers we got, there was some nice variety and even some different reasons for using the same tools   

So, now we're curious: What's in your stack? Share yours in the comments below!

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