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Enhanced Tag Manager: Elevating content organization

There’s nothing more satisfying than looking in your kitchen drawer or wardrobe and being able to immediately grab what you need. Whether it’s having all your t-shirts hung together or your books arranged alphabetically by author, we all organize things in our own way. When it comes to organizing content, it’s no different—every company will organize its content slightly differently. If you’ve not started your content organization journey yet, don’t worry, Uberflip’s got your back. We’ve all been there—halfway through cleaning out a cupboard, you look around and realize there’s no turning back, but the finish line feels so far out of reach! Maybe that's what you foresee when we talk about tagging your content. Not anymore, thanks to Uberflip’s Enhanced Tag Manager.

Before we drive in, maybe we should start with the why. Why do you need to tag at all?

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Why tag your content? 

At Uberflip we have a content experience framework, just five steps to creating the best-personalized content experiences. Once you’ve centralized all your content within Uberflip, the next step is organizing it. More often than not tagging is an afterthought, but Tag management is the foundation of a great content strategy. Its core focus is on making your content more intuitive to find and accessible for those who need it. It allows you to level up your content organization and set the stage for future functionality. Having a properly implemented tagging structure makes it easier for you and those around your company to find and use the content you need when you need it—just like that kitchen drawer we mentioned. The bonus of tagging your content is, yes, you can find and share it quickly, but it also allows for better targeting and measurement for your content strategy.

Now let’s get into why you need Enhanced Tag Manager.

Why use Enhanced Tag Manager?

Using Uberflip’s Enhanced Tag Manager has made creating and implementing your tagging structure almost too easy. It was designed to help you create your framework for organizing content even if you don’t quite know where to start. It makes it easier to tag more effectively and implement consistently across all your content. Effectively tagged content can be more readily found, utilized, updated, or even retired quickly—giving your team more time for other things.

So what does Enhanced Tag Manager offer? In short, it helps with all of your tag management needs, but more specifically, it will:

  • Help you define and identify your tagging structure specifically for your needs, and then help you build it
  • Provide admins with more control over how their tag structure is used on content throughout the hub
  • Empower users when tagging content to apply the tag structure easier and consistently

Implementing your tagging structure is easy with Enhanced Tag Manager, but the benefits don’t stop there. Once you’ve completed your implementation, it will enable you to:
Have a better overview of your entire content library
Quickly find the right content for specific audiences
Easily find and fill gaps in your content strategy
Measure the performance of your content strategy at a more granular level

By leveraging Enhanced Tag manager, you can increase the velocity of your buyer's journey.

Try Enhanced Tag Manager today

You can learn more about Enhanced Tag manager, or request a demo, to discover how tagging allows for better targeting and measurement for your content strategy.