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Case Study: How Monetate Increased Lead Conversions By 250% With Uberflip

Monetate Uberflip Success

Monetate needed a better solution for the content that lived within the resource center on their main site. With plans to relaunch the resource center in parallel to a complete site redesign, they had some challenges that were specific to their content marketing efforts:

  1. Understanding what’s working
  2. Optimizing lead generation Improving sales enablement
  3. Creating a better customer experience

In addition to addressing the above challenges, Monetate’s marketing team needed more control over the content experience and the ability to dive into the metrics anytime.


Within 24 hours of becoming a customer, Monetate replaced their resource section with a content hub powered by the Uberflip platform. With Uberflip they were able to aggregate content channels including video, eBooks, white papers and blog articles into a single, beautiful, and responsive interface that integrates with Marketo.

A key part of the solution was the Flipbooks feature, which allows marketers to turn PDF content (such as eBooks and white papers) into interactive Flipbooks with over 50 metrics and the ability to pass engagement data to Marketo.


By leveraging the features in the Uberflip Hub, Monetate was able to:

  • Increase lead conversion by 250% compared to a traditional landing page
  • Increase visibility into how people engage with their content through the Uberflip / Marketo integration
  • Get better insight into how eBooks and white papers perform
  • Create tailored content streams to better target personas and increase conversion
  • Create a better workflow between their content marketing team and demand gen team

Uberflip CTA vs Landing Page