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4 Awesome Ways To Use A Hub To Promote Your Next Event

Uberflip Hub Event

While a Content Hub is great way to house your resource center, it also presents an incredible opportunity to get creative and show a bit of personality with a fun promotional campaign.

You can build a Hub specifically for an event to channel the buzz into a single destination that you can use to promote your event and direct visitors to register or participate.

Below are different ways to leverage Hub features to promote your next event or campaign, along with some examples from our 2015 Content2Conversion Conference Hub to inspire you.

Content2Conversion Hub

Using Twitter to promote your event

Twitter is a great tool for promoting your event! But instead of having tweets scattered across the Twittersphere, you can use Uberflip to aggregate Twitter lists, specific hashtags and even automatically filter the tweets you favorite to effectively bring the conversations about your event into a single place!

If you are thinking about creating a Hub for one of your events, here are some tweets you could pull in:

  1. Tweets from your speakers
  2. The event’s Twitter handle (if it has one)
  3. Hashtags related to the event (#eventhashtag)
  4. Tweets you’ve favorited on Twitter related to the event

Uberflip’s Smart Filters feature allows you to automatically bring in Tweets based on a specific #hashtag or keyword. This is great to pull in Tweets from event attendees into your Hub and share the excitement with others!

Showing off your event with Instagram

Connecting your Instagram account with Uberflip allows you to easily share photos from the event. There are multiple ways to do this. You can show all photos connected to a specific account, pull in photos with a specific hashtag or you can even bring in “liked” photos, similar to Twitter.

Show off some pictures to create some excitement for your upcoming event.

Content2Conversion Instagram

Pulling in videos to show off speakers

Connecting your video channels to your Hub is made easy by Uberflip. The Hub becomes a great place to show off your speakers by giving sneak peeks of previous talks or presentations. It’s also a great space to share archived videos from last year’s event!

Content2Conversion Video

Using CTAs to promote your event

CTAs will become your best friend when promoting your event. You’ll be able to direct visitors of your Hub to get more information or to register for your event. Make sure the copy is enticing and relevant. It’s a great way to remind your audience how many days there are until the event or how many days left to register. A sense of urgency can go a long way!  

Here are some examples of event-related CTAs from an event Hub we created to promote the 2015 Content2Conversion Conference.

Content2Conversion CTA

Other Use Cases

A Hub isn’t just a way to build buzz around your event, but also around your own campaigns. Need some inspiration? Check out how we used a Hub during the winter holidays dubbed the 12 Days of Uberflippin’ Giveaways Holiday Hub.

There are a variety of use cases for Hubs—resource centers, content libraries, employee onboarding—and you can make the most of them for your own needs by understanding the different ways to use your Hub’s features to curate, organize, and direct visitors where you want them to go.

About the Author

Emilie is a Customer Success Specialist at Uberflip. Before joining the Uberflip team, she worked at an experiential staffing agency, helping brands provide tailored customer experiences.

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