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Manage thousands of items easily with Bulk Task Smasher

Manage thousands of content items easily with Bulk Task Smasher

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Well-organized content is critical to the success of B2B content experiences. It’s so critical, in fact, that we made “Organize content” one of the five key pillars of our content experience framework. We also know that you need to be able to manage your content hub efficiently in order to scale. 

Our Bulk Task Smasher app lets you automate manual, repetitive, and tedious actions with a spreadsheet and a few clicks of your mouse. You’ll never have to manage thousands of pieces of content by hand again! 

Let’s jump into what Bulk Task Smasher is, and how the app can help save you time and effort as you scale your campaigns. 

What is Uberflip’s Bulk Task Smasher? 

Bulk Task Smasher is an app available in the Uberflip Marketplace that helps content marketing managers efficiently complete repetitive actions across multiple items, streams and user profiles all at once (or, as the name indicates, in bulk).

When onboarding a new team, you may need to create 50 new user accounts in the Uberflip platform. Or, for your new account based marketing campaign, you may need to create 100 new marketing streams. Rather than manually performing an action over and over, simply compile all of the actions you want to perform into an Excel spreadsheet and upload it to the app. Bulk Task Smasher performs the specified actions automatically, much faster than a human could.

What can I do with Bulk Task Smasher? 

Bulk Task Smasher helps you take the pain out of managing your content hub by giving you more control over the most common repetitive tasks that Uberflip users need to do to manage their content: 

  • Create new items, streams, users, tags, and flipbooks/PDFs
  • Update fields within existing items, streams, users, tags, and flipbooks/PDFs
  • Delete outdated items, streams, users, tags, and flipbooks/PDFs. 

The next time you roll out an updated content tagging structure, or you need to update the SEO titles and meta descriptions throughout your whole content hub, do not fret. Rather than editing individual items manually, you can use Bulk Task Smasher to apply mass updates across your existing content in one sweeping action. Here are some of the most common updates content managers make with Bulk Task Smasher: 

  • Update item details: Use Bulk Task Smasher to quickly edit content fields such as titles, descriptions and thumbnail URLs in one spreadsheet. 
  • Update SEO titles and meta descriptions: Download a content export from Bulk Task Smasher and filter your content to update only the items with empty SEO titles and meta description fields, or with keywords you want to change. 
  • Update content tags: Add or remove tags from existing content in one bulk action without manually reviewing each item. 
  • Delete outdated content and streams in bulk: When it comes time to retire outdated content or streams that are no longer in use, perform a cleanup with the help of Bulk Task Smasher.
  • Bulk manage hub users: During the onboarding process, you may need to create user accounts in Uberflip for your whole team.

Bulk Task Smasher best practices 

  1. Always start with an export of your content as a backup. In many cases, it’s also really helpful to work off of the Bulk Task Smasher export while creating your jobs. 
  2. Download the corresponding job template to make your upload smoother. Simply put the information you want to work with into this pre-formatted Excel file and upload it to Bulk Task Smasher. For some types of bulk actions (primarily update actions), you can choose to download either a blank template or a populated template, which is prefilled with relevant values from your account. 
  3. When it comes to deleting content, measure twice and cut once. If you started by pulling a content export, you can recreate content that you deleted using your content export, but you will lose all of your previous performance metrics. 

Start using Bulk Task Smasher

To use Bulk Task Smasher, install the app from the Uberflip Marketplace. Once it’s installed, you’ll be able to access the app within Uberflip as a new entry in the sidebar menu. Click on the sidebar menu and the the app will open in the right pane of the Uberflip platform.

Find more information about where to find, install, and log in to Bulk Task Smasher: